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Squark Seer

@ Squarkai - AI Predictive Power with Spreadsheet Ease! (Judah ...
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The Resume of the 21st Century to help college students ...
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@ Mashlink - Makes it easy to record your own ...
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 @HostDrinks - On-Demand bartending service that connects insured bartenders with ...
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Live Undistracted

Phone Safe System / @SmartPhoneSafe - A novel approach to ...
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Automated bookkeeping service provides dashboards, billpay, reporting, payroll, file & ...
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Lola Logo

LOLA - Agile Travel Management is a quick, dynamic and ...
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Top 10 USA video subscription apps pulled in a total a $1.3B last year, an increase of 62% from 2017

Subscriptions are booming on the app stores, and particularly subscription video apps, thanks to the growing number of cord cutters who are choosing to stream their TV shows and movies instead of paying for cable or satellite. In the U.S., the top 10 subscription video apps by revenue pulled in $1.27 billion in 2018 across…
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Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg wrote 1,000 words defending Facebook, but the most interesting thing about it was where he published it

Mark Zuckerberg has turned to the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal to defend Facebook’s business practices. In a column published Thursday, the 34-year-old billionaire technology executive laid out what he said were the “facts about Facebook,” explaining “the principles of how we operate” and what he said were the “clear benefits” of Facebook’s ad-supported,…
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Geoff Wilbur's Telecom and Tech Blog

Boston New Technology Startup Showcase #BNT97: Mobile App Products

January 15, 2019 “It was another solid BNT event, with pizza and networking to start the evening, as well as booths for some of Boston New Technology’s sponsors. Then it was time for the seven featured startups to present. This month’s theme was mobile apps. As always, if you’re interested, don’t rely on my description,…
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Cybersecurity 2019 — The Year in Preview: AI, Security, and Emerging Threats

2018 was the year that worries about security vulnerabilities in equipment truly went to the fore. No sensible individual would deny that security dangers should be identified, that wrongdoings should be researched, and all the more by and large that nobody and nothing ought to be past the compass of reasonable and simply lawful process.…
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