Boston Tech Comes Together to Help Conquer COVID-19 Virtual Summit #BNT113 – Recap & Replay Video

BNT113 - 13 Boston-Area Startups, Programs and Initiatives that are Making a Difference During the Health and Economic Crisis

We thank all who attended and the experts and leaders who spoke at Boston Tech Comes Together to Help Conquer COVID-19 Virtual Summit #BNT113!

It's incredible to see so many companies and individuals making a difference by helping and supporting others during this health and economic crisis. On May 13th, the Boston tech community and supporters gathered virtually to celebrate and be inspired by the accomplishments of some of these local heroes - startups and corporations that have stepped up to support others affected by COVID-19. Members viewed and asked questions about 13 educational and inspiring presentations and tech demonstrations, presented by startup founders and tech leaders.

BNT113 had 335 registrations, 5,700+ Eventbrite page views and 500+ video views!

We hope BNT113 was a great experience for everyone.

You can watch the BNT113 video replay below!

We used StreamYard to broadcast the video to BNT’s facebook page, Events group & YouTube channel, and to Chris Requena's facebook page.

In all, we had 15 people who needed to speak, but StreamYard only allows up to 10 speakers to join. We actually checked with them and they said it wouldn't be a problem, but it was! So, our start was delayed and disorganized, as I did my best to deal with speakers being blocked from the event.

Live broadcasts you plan on facebook are cancelled if you don’t start them within 10 minutes of the planned time and we just barely made it. We apologize to members for the delay.

If you use StreamYard, be sure to share your full screen, because if you don’t, the viewers don’t see your full-screen slides; they see the normal/edit view of the slides.

We planned 10 minutes for each speaker, but they ended up needing about 15 minutes each and we decided not to cut them off, which extended the event from 2 hours to nearly 3.

In any case, we received super feedback and many excellent questions!

Please see the descriptions of each talk below, as well as the slides from the speakers who provided them to BNT.

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Here are some of the fantastic questions and feedback we received for BNT113:

Silvia Tower: Great job Chris, what a fantastic event, thank you for putting this together!!!

Howie Hecht: Hi Chris & Chuck -- nice job with this! The new network sounds promising -- what are you doing to help ensure Fake News doesn't become a problem on it?

Chris Requena: The content technology I'm building will optionally require approval from the website owner, and can be automatically approved if shared from a trusted content source.

Jason Kraus: When receiving a lot of pitches what is most helpful for startups to send you in their outreach messaging?

Rowan Walrath: Hey Jason! The best thing for startups to do is to approach me with some kind of hook. That can be a time hook, i.e. "we are launching a crowdfunding campaign Friday" or "we just announced a new initiative or product launch," or it can be a little vaguer, i.e. "we have a particularly unique story to tell" (but then you have to prove it).

Jason Kraus: Thanks Rowan Walrath! Great response and insights!

Mike Grandinetti: Thank you Chris Requena for the amazing effort that you put in to make it happen. Great job!

Brian H. Hough: Thanks so much for putting on such a great event—it was very inspiring hearing everyone's work and passion for fighting COVID-19.

Pradeep Aradhya: great effort Chris Requena! loved the theme of the event and all the diverse subjects and speakers.

David Kobierowski: Good stuff. Thanks for organizing Chris!

Maureen Mansfield: Go @bostonnewtech! Thanks Tyler! Steven Vilkas great presentation, thanks dot connector! Thank you, Chris!

Linda R. Cuccurullo: Thank you! Great presentations!

AK Ikwuakor: Great work Chris!!!

Jyotsna Mehta: Great event!

Bridget Barrett: Thank you Chris!

Gerard ONeill: Great!

Geraldine Weir: Fabulous Christian!

Ricardo Abella: Thank you for the presentations yesterday... It was very cool --you did a great job!

Steve Vilkas:

Yesterday, something very special happened. It was historical, it was helpful, it was purposeful and enjoyable. Your friendly neighborhood Dot Connector is here to let those of you who weren't able to make #BNT113 know all about it in brief. Representing #CoCo and Media Shower, I was joined by [speakers shown below]. This was a summit which will be remembered as one built with a single objective in mind: build community, deepen understanding, and let the world know that ---

1.) Solutions are out there.
2.) Real leaders always rise to the occasion, as Chuck Goldstone has observed.
3.) Our innovation ecosystem isn't simply highly intelligent and capable of creating great businesses, services and tech: We're capable of creating impact, and doing good to do well.

Thank you Chris Requena.

Thank you Boston New Technology.

"Stanley Black & Decker COVID-19 Community Response" with Dr. Mark Maybury, Chief Technology Officer, Stanley Black & Decker - with Chris Requena on left

Steve Vilkas:

As part of the COVID-19 Virtual Summit which was an experience defining #BNT113, the presentation given by Doctor Mark Maybury who currently serves as CTO at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. was particularly illuminating. It will form the basis, in brief, for my following reflection but also be supported by additional information.

The premise is this, based on what Doctor Maybury explained: There has never been a better time for #publicprivatepartnerships between authentic innovation in the private sector cooperating fully with the #federalgovernment, particularly where areaws of defense, intelligence, supply chain and other areas intersect.

I both observed and enjoyed countless examples of this at the Defense Innovation Network's series and have discussed the point with Mike Grandinetti and Doowan Lee. Where opportunity exists, the dots invariably connect.

AFWERX always comes to mind, in addition to other accelerators where our startup community can thrive - and where the collective knowledge, passion and resiliency has the chance to scale and soar. Silver linings? Most definitely my friends.

"Leveraging Technology to Enhance Charitable Fundraising" with Silvia Tower, Founder, NomaYoga with Chris Requena on left

Steve Vilkas:

I remember reading in an article published by the Indo-Pacific Defense Forum that the Indian Army employs yoga as an effective measure against the threat of stress and strain physiologically and psychologically alike.

Silvia Tower (she/her/hers)'s has reawakened in me a love of yoga, and so I unearthed that article and located this extract:

“Yoga is a holistic science of life,” Doctor Rita Khanna said, “which deals with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Yoga practices increase physical fitness, discipline the mind, make you more focused and confident, cure health disorders and give you a calmed and relaxed mind, which are equally, if not more relevant, to Army personnel.”

Nothing says stress, strain, and struggle like dealing with unemployment. The effect this can have upon body and mind is profound. Silvia recognized as much and, as a natural leader and community builder, she stepped up to the occasion and organized NomaYoga. Uplifting her fellow humans through wholesome means, Silvia also manages to kick major butt on the Product Management front for Veson Nautical based right here in MA.

Silvia shared NomaYoga's story at #BNT113 and remains a phoenix in our community, ever-true.

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Watch BNT113:

Speakers and Presentations:

Chuck Goldstone: Startup Accelerator Program

Chuck Goldstone is BNT's resident speaking coach. He volunteers to help our speakers give better presentations. Download Chuck's slides.

1. "Improving Access to the Best Information and Resources for the Health and Economic Crisis" with Chris Requena, Founder/Developer of

There are thousands of free health, safety, education and business resources available to support COVID-19 victims, families, workers, owners and others affected by the Coronavirus. Our blog post with 130+ of the top resources, including access to thousands of free online courses, will be migrated to a new website shortly, featuring curated digital content, including news, events, webcasts, podcasts, blog posts, courses, eBooks, whitepapers and more. Users can browse, search, filter and sort, to quickly discover the most popular, newest, or most relevant content. Automation and crowdsourcing will automatically keep the website fresh with new, approved, trusted, content. Follow: @TopVirusInfo & @CERequena. Download slides.

2. "Covering Coronavirus News Through a Startup Lens" with Rowan Walrath, Associate Editor, BostInno & Rhode Island Inno

These days, one of BostInno's main tasks is covering how coronavirus has impacted the Greater Boston startup community. Some of that news is grisly: At least 25 local startups and tech firms have collectively laid off or furloughed thousands of workers, and unemployment rates are skyrocketing in Massachusetts. Still, no one pivots quite like an entrepreneur. Rowan Walrath will cover some of the coronavirus-driven innovations by Boston startups. She'll also talk about balancing the good news with the bad as a reporter to ensure her news outlet continues to drive value to the community. Follow @RowanWalrath @BostInno @Rhody_Inno. Download slides.

3. "Stanley Black & Decker COVID-19 Community Response" with Dr. Mark Maybury, Chief Technology Officer, Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker has announced a $10+ million comprehensive COVID-19 philanthropic outreach program to help its communities and employees around the world combat the effects of the pandemic. Stanley Black & Decker is also applying its global manufacturing and supply, where appropriate, supporting supply to respirator manufacturers, such as our efforts on a PAPR with Ford and 3M. Follow: @Mark_T_Maybury @StanleyBlkDeckr

4. "Launching and Managing 2 Global Rapid Ventilator Design Sprints" with Mike Grandinetti, Faculty Chair & Lead Professor of Innovation, Rutgers

Working with MD's from Mass General, I’ve been recruited to an active Board role to launch and manage 2 global rapid design ventilator challenges. The CoVent Challenge targets FDA Emergency Use for deployment in US Hospitals. We have 150 teams across 25 countries and plan to select an optimal design that will begin production by June 1st. The Africa Oxygen Challenge will provide an affordable design to our partner the Africa Federation of Emergency Medicine, to support 26 countries across the continent. Follow: @mikegrand1 @CoVentChallenge @RutgersU

5. "Solving The Global Ventilator Shortage" with Tyler Mantel, Co-founder & CEO, The Ventilator Project & WatchTower Robotics

The spread of COVID-19 is increasing beyond our control and we are 13 million ventilators short. We'll address what one Boston robotics startup is doing to address the problem by designing, manufacturing, and distributing a fully-functioned, affordable and scalable ventilator. Follow: @TweetandTel @VentilatorProj @WatchTowerRobot

6. "Navigate COVID-19 with Data-Storytelling" with Tiph Le Roux, Head of Sales, Toucan Toco

If you are confused with the current COVID-19 crisis and overwhelmed with different sources of information, engage with our data Storytelling and navigate into clear data to understand the World's Situation. We offer daily updates on the spread of the virus, responses from the international organizations and national governments, and market information. We seek feedback from visitors, to help us improve, and donations, to support the maintenance of the website, which will be partly redistributed to associations. Follow: @Tiphaine_LeR @Toucan_Toco. Download slides.

7. "Transforming Health with Open Source Software in a Crisis" with Brian H. Hough, UI/UX Lead, CoronaTracker

As the news grew more severe about an unknown virus, a single LinkedIn post with a call to action soon led to a global community of 280+, a progressive web app, and a hope to make a difference in a world plagued by a pandemic. While in public beta, our community-built progressive web app lets users track and monitor health symptoms, learn about COVID-19, and get ready if/when they need to speak with a doctor. With the power of open-source, full-stack development and blockchain, we hope to help people during this difficult time. Follow: @BrianHHough @CoronaTrackApp. Download slides.

8. "COVID-19 & Diverse Continuum of Care for Everyone Through Tech" with Reginald Swift, Founder & CEO, Rubix LS

Using technology to ensure that all types of patients can access critical health needs during any pandemic crisis. Rubix LS is your infectious disease intelligence partner. We’ve conducted projects in hot-zones from West Africa to India on various infectious disease priorities. Real-time data and predictive modeling to make better medical countermeasure plans are what we strive for at every single second. Follow: @RSwif001 @RubixLS

9. "An Intro To CoCo: Best Practices To Gain Victory Against The Infodemic" with Steve Vilkas, Communications Specialist, Project CoCo

During the Coronacrisis, one thing we can all do is communicate well about Coronavirus. When we share helpful, truthful information, we literally save lives. That's why we created CoCo! CoCo is a messaging toolkit with ready-made tweets, images, and even memes that you’re free to use, remix, and share. They're cute and funny, but the mission is serious: you're saving human lives. We've created CoCo to empower anyone with an audience to spread helpful, truthful information. Follow: @ADotConnector @TheMediaShower

10. "Leveraging Technology to Enhance Charitable Fundraising" with Silvia Tower, Founder, NomaYoga

NomaYoga is a virtual community that brings people together to practice Yoga during the COVID-19 pandemic, while supporting a small business or non-profit, through donations. Many people right now are in distress and need a safe space to both relax, and practice physical activity, in a motivating way. At the same time, many who are in a position to give are looking for ways to donate and support others in need. So, we made it our mission to help them donate in the most effective way. Nowadays with technologies such as Zoom, G-Suite, Facebook Fundraising, and Weebly, setting up an informal non-profit organization is as easy as it's ever been. Download slides.

11. "Commun-A-Tee Fundraiser for Small Businesses" with Jay Sapovits, President, Ink'd Stores

Commun-A-Tee is a Local Support Campaign designed to help small businesses, organizations and artists. The Commune-A-Tee project is simple: Produce a basic, but unique, tee shirt from the local businesses around us. Each shirt is labeled with a custom logo commemorating this one time event on the sleeve. Many of the brands featured may never have a tee shirt - so this is a chance to show the support. The economics are easy: $19 per shirt. $10 dollars goes to the business whose brand is on the shirt. Follow: @JaySapovits @InkdStores

12. "Making Online Teams Smarter" with Beth Porter, CEO, Riff Analytics

With everyone in the information economy now working from home and everyone socially distant, we are on video calls all day long. Research has shown that video meetings are tiring and stressful, and often have many of the problems of in-person meetings — too long, not purposeful, dominated by one person going on and on. Beth will talk about how machine learning is being used to help groups learn how to work effectively together online, by giving real-time feedback about their conversations. Follow: @EbPort @RiffAnalytics. Download slides.

13. "Robotics to Combat Senior Isolation During COVID-19" with Richard Marshall, VP Business Development, CareClever / Cutii

While the residents of senior homes are confined to their rooms, robotics are being made available to retirement homes. They allow the isolated seniors to 'virtually visit' their concerned families and loved ones, and enjoy daily 'virtual community' events (yoga, etc). As we broaden access to tele-health, these robotic devices are fast becoming a vital option to deliver much needed healthcare remotely, from social work to cardiac consultants. Follow: @Cutii_io. Download slides.

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