DevOps Success: How to Innovate Faster by Expediting App and Software Product Delivery (Video)

On July 23rd, BNT kicked off our new webcast series, called DevOps Success, with a seminar focused on innovating faster by expediting app and software product delivery!

The seminar featured Hariram Ananthasubramanian, Co-founder and CEO of Kaiburr. Hariram discussed these topics within software delivery and DevOps:

Top Challenges - what are the top challenges tech companies are facing?

DevOps Benefits & Maturity Model - why to develop maturity in DevOps.

KPIs and Metrics - which are most important to technology leaders and CIO's.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery - Sophisticated CI-CD Automation and CI-CD Best Practices.

Continuous Security and Continuous Testing - their meaning and best practices for each.

Here are a few of the key learnings...

What are the benefits of improving your DevOps?

Faster lead time, faster recovery, more time spent on new work (features), improved employee satisfaction, fewer defects, less time spent fixing security issues, more frequent deployments, and better chances of exceeding profitability goals.

All of these benefits support providing better experiences to customers and users, as well as keeping developers happy with their jobs.

DevOps Benefits

Hariram reviewed the DevOps KPI's that each type of persona is typically interested in:

DevOps KPI's by Persona
DevOps KPI's by Persona

Hariram also touched on the many tools companies typically use in DevOps, as shown below.

Kaiburr integrates with the services below and more, to facilitate automation and robust reporting, via their industry-first AllOps Simplification platform, which provides a robust reporting dashboard for c-suite tech leaders.

Kaiburr integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

Kaiburr also works with many test tracking and test automation tools. We highly recommend Selenium, JUnit, JMeter, and TestNG, for test automation, and JIRA for project management.

DevOps Tools Integrated with Kaiburr

Below are some sample graphs from Kaiburr's industry-first CTO/CIO Advisory Dashboard, showing the organization's defect density, code quality score, release payload summary, security controls by status, top pipelines by error rate, and DevOps Score.

Kaiburr AllOps CIO/CTO Advisory Dashboard

At Kaiburr, we help startups and enterprise businesses expedite their software product delivery, improve availability and security, and save significantly on their cloud services.

We offer a free assessment of your cloud services, security, and product delivery performance, so you can learn about areas you may want to improve. We connect to the services you currently use to generate a reporting dashboard, with insights on your code quality, developer performance, failure rates, availability, and more. See details in this 5-minute video with Hariram.

Kaiburr AllOps is the world's first Unified Platform for Product Delivery & Operations, including DevOps, SecOps, DevSecOps, CloudOps, ComplianceOps, TestOps, DataOps and AIOps.

We automate your release process and optimize your cloud services, so you can focus on innovation, features, and customers.

For your free DevOps Assessment and Advisory session, please contact: Chris.Requena "at"

For more details, watch the complete DevOps Success video on How to Innovate Faster by Expediting App and Software Product Delivery: