Boston New Technology COVID-19 Tech Showcase #BNT114

Join members of BNT’s 50k network to:

  • See 6 innovative and exciting local COVID-19 Tech demos, presented by startup founders

  • Network virtually with attendees from Boston, Austin and beyond

  • Ask the founders your questions

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Products & Presenters:

1. The Baxter Ventilator / @BaxterAcademy – Designed specifically to address a shortage of ventilators during a pandemic. (Jonathan Amory, Emily Mickool, Zackary Dicelico)

2. Carealine: Reusable Isolation Gowns / @CarealineTweet – Designed with input from infection control and PPE experts to offer better protection at a lower cost, with less waste. (Kezia Fitzgerald)

3. Healthynox / @Healthynox – Healthynox — A Digital Mental Health Platform! (Lucas Roemer)

4. Bola AI Perio Assistant / @Bola_ai – The “Touchless” Perio Exam: We assist dental professionals to see patients with voice tech. Save PPE, time and staff. (Rushi Ganmukhi)

5. Espressly – Starbucks-style mobile ordering apps for cafes. (Scott Moraes) Tech: React Native, PHP, Vue JS.

Agenda (EDT):

4:00 – Welcome & BNT Introductions

4:05 – Startup Presentations (5 minutes each), Q&A (5 minutes each)

5:30 – Wrap Up

How to Join:

Please register with a valid email address and you will immediately receive an email with the link you need to join this webcast. We will also email you our online group for this event, where you can network with the presenters and other attendees.

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