Building on Public Perception


February 28


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Boston New Technology

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50 Milk Street

Boston, MA, USA, 02109

Fireside chat event moderated by Kasey Jones at CIC Boston, presented by Prepare 4 VC, Boston New Technology and Startup Grind Boston

About the speaker Brian Hough:
MY LIFE’S MANTRA: “Let’s digitize our world for the better, together!”

Halfway through my college studies at Boston University, I started to feel a fire inside me that said, “I need to do more.” Informed by my passion for social change and growth, I enrolled in a course that showed me how big data could be used as a catalyst to impact real social change.

That was my game-changing moment.

After graduating, I worked at the Harvard Kennedy School’s center on American Indian Economic Development and built exhibits on Google’s Art and Culture platform. It was an incredible opportunity that allowed me to use my newfound knowledge of big data, design, and digital platforms to turn case studies into 3D & immersive exhibits, making content more accessible to people worldwide.

Additionally, I was the communications manager for 8 Decimal Capital, a $60 million blockchain venture capital fund. Seeing so many inspiring startups changing the world pushed me to learn and do more.

Since then, I’ve been lucky to work with multi-sector global companies and teams that are changing the world by digitally transforming operations to increase efficiency, safety, and growth.

Although I have been fortunate enough to achieve a lot professionally, I had that same fire inside telling me, “I need to do more.” I thought back to the days when I wouldn’t have touched computer science with a 10-foot pole. I asked myself, “Why?”

And then, I remembered feeling that computer science and technology was intimidating and seemed to be reserved for people who were specialized and well-versed in the field.

This is when I had my epiphany.

Why don’t I use the knowledge and expertise I’ve gained over the years to help other people see the magic of how technology can transform our future?

Cut to the liftoff of Tech Stack Playbook, a series I created dedicated to exploring topics such as coding, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, and data – launching insightful, entertaining, and collaborative conversations with people about how they could use tech to empower themselves without the technical jargon.

MY ULTIMATE GOAL: Make the world of technology more accessible through insightful and entertaining conversations.

Build and monetize your audience, impressions, and personal brand in a whole new way

About the fireside chat:
– How we did a full platform/infra migration from our V1 to V2 of The Capital?
– How we built and are building a Twitter/Patreon-alternative to turn creators into entrepreneurs
– How to launch a new platform and reach 200k users organically in a day
– Spilling the tea about building a startup and solving tough problems
– Mindset of building complex systems
– What learning how to code really looks like

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