Demo Daze pt 2: Setting up follow up meetings


January 11


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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Boston New Technology

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Welcome to the second segment of our Demo Daze series. In our first session, How To Be More Effective In Presenting Your Demo: Sales Strategy Series w/ Marc Kitz, we uncovered the strategies and techniques used to make the most of an initial 30 minute demo call and how to break down discovery, showcasing, questions and follow up/next steps. Recording available for review here:

In this next session in the series, we discuss how to build off the momentum in the demo meeting to set up the perfect follow up.


  • You have had initial meeting(s) and/or demos
  • Client has agreed to follow up meeting

Work with your “Inside Coach” to understand:

  • Who will attend: Their roles & Their goals for the meeting
  • Best approach (e.g. overview with slides? Demo? Brief agenda and open discussion?)
  • Information you should provide (Technical? Value? Your background?)
  • Questions you should ask
  • Questions you will get asked
  • Meeting logistics (e.g. – are they attendees more visually oriented?)

Sales strategist Marc Kitz will walk us through how to navigate each of these areas with a workshop and interactive conversation with one of our audience participants.

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