Founder Sagas: Accelerating Startups During a Recession #FS1


Founder Sagas - Learn The Ways of Successful Startup Founders!

Learn the ways of successful startup founder, Matthew Hanson, as he shares stories about his startup ventures and founders he’s worked with!

Join us for this free interactive, live, online webcast with Pax Momentum Co-founder, Matthew Hanson, a seasoned early stage investor and entrepreneur and Principal at Blu Venture Investors.

Host Chris Requena will interview Matt about his startup experiences, focusing on:

  • Matt’s inspiration for and success with founding and growing Segovia, provider of satellite broadband internet to DoD, during the Early 2000’s recession
  • Accelerating startups at Pax Momentum, during a recession and pandemic
  • How to pivot when “it’s not the right time” for your product
  • State of Seed and Venture Funding
  • Top industry verticals to invest in now
  • Partnering with the right co-founders and building teams
  • Your questions!

Founder Sagas offers fun, insightful interviews with incredible startup founders who will inspire you and give you advice on your startup journey. Hear interesting stories about why and how founders launched and grew their companies, including actionable strategies and tactics that work well to accelerate businesses today.

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About the Speaker:

Matthew Hanson, Co-founder at Pax Momentum

PAX Momentum combines Matthew’s three professional passions: Technology, Startups, and Finance. Nothing compares to the energy and creativity of early stage companies, which is why Matthew decided to found PAX Momentum with his son, Jack Hanson. Some of Matthew’s proudest achievements include:

  • Co-founder of Segovia, a satellite communications company, acquired by Inmarsat for $110M seven years after launch
  • Leading the first round of investments in, a roadside assistance startup named 6th fastest growing company in North America by Deloitte, and leading Blu Venture Investors first round of investments in NS8, a fraud prevention startup just announcing $26M in series A investments
  • Angel investor with ten successful exits and counting. I’ve enjoyed the excitement and satisfaction of helping young companies expand, innovate, create jobs, and generate wealth

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