Co-founder & CEO of Kaiburr, Hariram A., will discuss how top CISO’s are implementing proactive and continuous security with DevSecOps.

Would you like to improve your app, software and information security?

Want to know how today’s leading CISO’s are proactively preventing risks?

Would you like to see a unified view of security risks across your organization?

Hariram Ananthasubramanian, Co-founder and CEO of Kaiburr, will discuss how top CISO’s are implementing and maintaining proactive and continuous security with DevSecOps today.

Join us for this free interactive, live, online webcast with host, Chris Requena.

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About the Speaker:

Hariram Ananthasubramanian, Co-founder and CEO of Kaiburr

Hariram Ananthasubramanian is the Co-founder and CEO of Kaiburr, an innovation-driven software product organization headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA. He has led large technology and product organizations in various industries. Before founding Kaiburr, Hariram was the Head of Data Strategy and Vice President at Altisource, where he managed the Information Management P&L and was responsible for delivering key financial products to market. He has implemented technology strategies for numerous companies, including Bank of New York, Mellon, Dun & Bradstreet, Cognizant and Wipro.

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