SAFEs, Convertibles and Priced Rounds


April 12 - 01:00 pm


March 27 - 01:00 am

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Join Jeff Erickson of Forecastr and Will Buckstaff of Carta to discuss SAFE and Convertible Note financing rounds. Founders often opt to raise via one of these early stage financing instruments due to lower administrative burden, but there are many intricacies and best practices of these financing vehicles that can heavily impact founder dilution for later financing rounds. During this session, you’ll learn about the different types of SAFEs and Convertible Notes along with the associated terms + best practices.

Forecastr provides a software platform to help early-stage startups easily create, track and manage their financial projections in preparation for raising capital. Using Forecastr, founders are able to confidently forecast their cash flow, helping determine how much capital they should raise and when. Forecastr makes it easy to conduct, manage and modify financial forecasts all with the click of a button and gives founders confidence when talking with investors without having to incur the deep financial cost of a CFO.

To sign up for a brief demo of Forecastr go to (Mention that you were referred by Prepare 4 VC for a discounted offer)

Carta is the leading provider of cap table management software and 409A valuations for startups. Carta makes it easy for founders to issue, track and manage the equity for their companies. They work with 50% of VC-backed companies and are now helping startups & employees manage their compensation, tax, cap table vehicle creation, and more.

Through Prepare 4 VC & Carta Partnership, you can redeem a 20% first-year discount + waived implementation fees towards your Carta subscription (new signups only) using this link. Companies with fewer than 25 stakeholders and less than $1M raised can sign up for the free Carta Launch plan using the same link:

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