April 26


05:30 pm - 07:30 pm

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Join us for interactive talks on Tech and Startup Networking in 2021, followed by a networking session with topic-based breakout rooms!

In 2020, the way people network and collaborate quickly evolved into a new state of normalcy. Founders, freelancers, corporate professionals, and many more have adapted greatly to build and operate all or aspects of their businesses in virtual ways.

Join us to hear short stories from 3 networking experts about their journeys over the last year, how they’ve adapted, and strategies they recommend to grow your professional network and your business.

After the interactive seminar, we’ll have a networking session where you can join video conversations on the topic(s) you are interested in, including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Funding/Pitching
  • Tech Jobs
  • HealthTech
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • App/Software Development/Cloud
  • Marketing

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Talks & Speakers:

“Connection. Collaboration. Serendipity: The Story of a Global Roundtable”

Chuck Goldstone – Founder of Chuck’s Global Entrepreneurial Roundtable and Chuck Goldstone | Strategies and Stories

Mentor, coach, author, communications strategist, entrepreneur, story authority, astute observer, insight extractor, message doctor, pitch piper, vision architect, connector, and purveyor of tough love and gentle encouragement, Chuck Goldstone is CEO and Chief Story Catalyst of Chuck Goldstone | Strategies and Stories, helping individuals and organizations across the planet hone their business strategies and learn how to tell their story, to be engaging, clear, and memorable. He has been a coach and mentor to over 2000 startups. He was founder and CEO !deaworks Presentations, !deaCorporation of America, and CommInLaw, where he worked with domestic and global companies such as Pepsi-Cola, Keurig, IBM, Fidelity, the United States Air Force, and hundreds of others in nearly every sector. Through his workshops and speaking engagements, Chuck’s model and practices are renowned worldwide for changing the course of organizations For more than a decade, Chuck was also a commentator on public radio’s Marketplace, heard on over 400 stations nationally. He is an author of two books and an upcoming one on the art and science and the business story. He is the Founder and Host of Chuck’s Roundtable, a global forum and resource center. Follow @ChuckGoldstone

“Professional Networking in the New Normal – Setting Yourself Apart from Others to Achieve Your Professional Goals”

Jeffrey DeSocio – Founder of AIMC Business Solutions and Mass Professional Networking

Jeffrey DeSocio is an IT Executive, Digital/ Internet Marketing Expert who is the owner of AIMC Business Solutions and the founder of Mass Professional Networking. Jeffrey has over 30 years of IT experience and 10 years of Marketing Experience focusing on e-commerce, digital services, and cloud/data computing. Jeffrey is an avid connector and networking and has built up a large professional network and resources and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals & objectives. Follow @AIMCBizSolution

“The Dream, The Goal, The Outcome… Laying the Foundation for a Successful Startup!”

Tom Maloney – Founder at PreStartUp and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach at Climbing the Success Ladder

Tom Maloney began his personal journey to success in his early teens when he first studied creative meditation for goal achievement with the Silva Method. Since that time, he has, through numerous disciplines, added to his toolkit while assisting others along their path to achieving their dreams. His passion for studies in the field of personal development led him to achieve his own personal dream – teaching and empowering others through the Meditation for Intuitive Awareness Program. A Master Practitioner of NLP and a Certified NLP Coach, Tom has dedicated his life to building viable futures from the inside out. Follow: @TomMaloneyCoach

Hosted by Chris Requena, Co-founder, Boston New Technology

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PreStartUp designs programs to assist people who have a business idea, but don’t know how to get started. We help startups by providing essential business coaching to facilitate and accelerate growth. The program is run by Tom Maloney, a coach, mentor, trainer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Climbing the Success Ladder. Tom is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a certified NLP coach determined to help you achieve professional goals.


5:30 – BNT Welcome / Introduction

5:35 – Chuck Goldstone: “Connection. Collaboration. Serendipity: The Story of a Global Roundtable”

5:45 – Jeffrey DeSocio: “Professional Networking in the New Normal – Setting Yourself Apart from Others to Achieve Your Professional Goals”

5:55 – Tom Maloney: “The Dream, The Goal, The Outcome… Laying the Foundation for a Successful Startup!”

6:15 to 7:30 – Networking by topic: Entrepreneurship, Funding/Pitching, Tech Jobs, HealthTech, AI, Blockchain, App/Software Development/Cloud & Marketing

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