The Fabric Of Empathy And The Value Of Memory


January 26


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Boston New Technology

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Join us for an inspiring fireside chat with Chris McDowell, the visionary founder behind Quilt, a groundbreaking platform transforming the way we commemorate our loved ones.

With Quilt, Chris has created a simple yet powerful solution that helps families and friends swiftly stitch together photos, memories, and stories to celebrate and honor those they’ve lost. Driven by a personal mission and deeply impactful desire to alleviate the challenges families face during difficult times, Chris recognized the need for a more seamless and heartfelt approach to memorialization. quilt partners with funeral homes, offering a new perspective on how we immortalize the lives of our loved ones, both during services and in the long-lasting memories that follow.

Before founding Quilt, Chris spent over 12 years leading finance teams for venture-backed startups along the East Coast. His academic background from Northeastern University and Harvard University laid the groundwork for his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to creating meaningful solutions. Chris will share insights into his entrepreneurial journey, the genesis of Quilt, the intricacies of navigating innovation within the memorialization space, and his vision for simplifying and enhancing the way we honor those we cherish


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