Boston-area Startup, Tech and Business Events:

7/8 3:30 pm & Future Dates -- Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network: Scale Up: Take Your Business to the Next Level (4 Part Series), Basics of Starting or Growing Your Business, Entity Formation,Negotiation and Legal Basics, Starting Something: The Ups, Downs and Sideways Approaches to Starting Your New Venture, Basics of Starting a Business, First Steps to Start Your Business (in Spanish)/Primeros Pasos Para Emprender Un Negocio Propio, Small Business Roundtable Discussion with Senator Lesser and Business Legal Primer. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/9 6:00 pm & Future Dates --Innovation Women: Mastering The Art Of Saying “No” at Staples Studio, Take Back Your Power: Changing the Dynamic for Women in the Workplace at Staple studio, Time Management Strategies for Busy Moms at Staples Studio, How to Get Comfortable with AI (at Work) at Staples Studio, Digital Transformation Driven by Strategy at Staples Studio, Building a Personal Brand to Elevate your Company's Profile at Staples Studio, Authentically Promote Yourself to Advance Your Career at Staples Studio, Pitch Workshop at Staples Studio, Empowered Through Visualization at Staples Studio, How to Protect Your Business with Copyright Law at Staples Studio, Getting Unstuck in Business at Staples Studio, Stop Recreating the Wheel: Streamline Business with Effective Systems and processes Staples Studio, Women and Negotiations- How Get More of What You Want at Staples Studio and How to Create Unlimited Amazing Content at Staples Studio. Danvers, MA. Free. RSVP

7/10 6:30 pm & Future Dates -- General Assembly: Introduction To Data Science. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/13 5:00 pm -- Qatchcode Campaign Party! A female-founded, Boston-based fashion tech startup that will change how you shop online. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/15 6:00 pm -- Boston New Technology: Mobile Apps & Tech Startup Showcase #BNT103. See 7 innovative and exciting local mobile technology demos, presented by startup founders. Network with attendees from the Boston-area startup/tech community. Hult International Business School, Cambridge, MA. $15. Register

7/16 6:00 pm -- Boston New Technology: Scaling Up Business: Building Collaborative Teams and Work Environments! Program: "The Future of Work Redefined: The Impact of Rapidly Changing Workplace Demographics and How to Adapt" with Josuel Plasencia, Co-Founder and President, Forefront. "Gaining Insight on Our Personal Filters to Improve Collaboration" with Kari Heistad, Founder and CEO, Culture Coach International & The Diversity Dashboard. "Culture and Collaboration with Remote Teams" with Jesse Gildesgame, CEO of BooksTime. Tanya Garvin, Account Executive at Poppin, will also join the panel discussion. Poppin, Boston, MA. $20. Register

7/16 6:00 pm -- Boston  Startup founder: A Simple Framework for Early-Stage Startups, w/ Co-Founder of Founder Institute. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/16  6:00 pm -- MassChallenge Startup Showcase 2019. Join our startups, mentors, partners, and the Boston community for the 10th annual MassChallenge Startup Showcase featuring our newest Boston and Rhode Island cohorts! Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/16 6:00 pm -- Verizon 5G Lab: Built on 5G Series - Emerging Tech & Innovation Meetup. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

7/16 6:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out in Boston July Happy Hour. Cambridge, MA. $10. Register

7/16 6:00 pm -- Boston Machine Learning: Graph Native Machine Learning. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/17 5:00 pm -- LearnLaunch Summer EdTech Showcase. Boston, MA. $5. Register

7/17 6:00 pm --Women Who Code Boston: Power Women in Tech: Founder/CEO Fireside Chat. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/17 6:00 pm -- Open Data Science: Automated and Interpretable Machine Learning. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

7/17 6:00 pm -- Mass Innovation Nights 124. Somerville, MA. Free. RSVP

7/17 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Connected Travel: How Tech Is Transforming Where, How, & Why We Travel. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/17 6:30 pm -- Product School: How to Make Your Product a Data Product by Pluralsight PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/18 8.30 am -- Eight Things You Must Do to Drive Company Value. Braintree, MA. Use Promo Code 2xvalue for a Free ticket! RSVP

7/18 1:00 pm -- Lawyers for Civil Rights: BizGrow 2019. A free groundbreaking event designed to connect existing and potential small business owners with free legal and business support. BizGrow will feature a large team of pro bono attorneys from Boston's top law firms who will be joining forces to support entrepreneurs with big dreams and limited resources. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/18 1:00 pm -- Brandeis innovation: Hack MY PhD. Waltham, MA. Free. RSVP

7/18 6:00 pm -- BostInno: State of Innovation: The Future of Cannabis. Boston, MA. $20. Register

7/18 6:00 pm -- Boston Product Management Association: Value and Pricing for Product Managers. Join Kronos and BPMA to learn how you can analyze and understand your product’s value to establish, communicate and manage a pricing strategy that is right for you and resonates with your customers. Lowell, MA. $5. Register

7/18 6:00 pm -- Serverless Boston @ AWS. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/18 6:30 pm -- UXPA Boston: Mapping the end-to-end medication management experience to build cross-product understanding. Boston, MA. Free to $10. RSVP

7/18 6:30 pm -- Boston Blockchain Association: Building a Blockchain Community with James Moreau of ConsenSysJames supported and engaged two blockchain communities (MetaMask and BlockApps) from 40,000 active users to over 1.1 million. Since building community is at the heart of building a successful blockchain, this is a rare opportunity to speak with someone who's been on the front lines of doing it successfully. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/18 6:45 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: ENET 2019 Boston Harbor Sunset Networking Cruise. Join this enjoyable, casual wrap-up for the ENET 2018-2019 season, with 150 attendees and guests aboard the M/V Music City Queen. To enhance the networking opportunities, we have invited all ENET speakers whose presentations you enjoyed during the past year and partnered with several other technology-based entrepreneurial groups to have their members attend. Boston, MA. $45. Register

7/20 - 7/21 -- WordCamp Boston. Annual conference celebrating WordPress, the open source software that powers over 33% of the internet. We’ll have lecture-style sessions, panels, and workshops about WordPress and the tech industry. Boston, MA. $50. Register

7/22 12:00 pm -- Boston Summer Intern Lunch Forum: Exploring Tech Trends & Opportunities. Join us for lunch and a lively discussion on the technology market in Boston. Limited to 100 attendees, sign up today!Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/22 6:00 pm -- Data & Cognitive Developers: Watson Studio | Watson Machine Learning: Operationalize & Automate Data Science. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

7/23 5:30 pm -- Growth Marketing Executive Cocktail Hour. This is an exclusive, high-powered cocktail hour and networking event for the inner circle of growth marketing leaders in your region. You'll get on a first-name basis with key marketing executives in your industry, featuring growth and agile marketing talks hosted by Pantheon and Growth Marketing Conference. Boston, MA and other major cities. Free. Apply to Attend

7/23 6:00 pm & Future Dates -- Mass Professional Networking: Business Networking & Social Media Events. Boston-area. Free to $10. Register

7/23 6:00 pm -- Founders Live: Boston - Tech and Startup Pitch Event. Boston, MA. Free. $10. Register

7/23 6:00 pm -- District Hall: How to Use Data to Drive Growth: Workshop. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/23 6:00 pm -- Intern Queen Party- 2019 BOSTON. Boston,MA. Free. RSVP

7/23 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Let's Break It Down: Data Science Vs. Data Analytics. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/23 6:30 pm -- Intro to JavaScript: Build a Guessing Game. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/24 8:30 am -- Chuck Goldstone: CORE STORY: Get Investors & Markets to Listen. Like You. Do What You Want. So, what do you do? That's the most important question a startup (or any company or even individual) can answer. Answer it well and be the one remembered. Funded. Hired. Successful. IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT YOUR INVESTOR DECK OR ELEVATOR PITCH. This is not your conventional pitch deck training. This game-changing model will dramatically change the way you look at presentations, arming you will the skills and confidence to get your audience to listen, like you, and do what you’d like. The power of a core story. Strategies used by the most successful companies to move markets and investors to interest, agreement, and decision. A step-by-step, art-and-science based model to develop and deliver your core story. Being heard above the competitive noise with a message that engages, is clear, compels audiences to listen, and drives them to action. Avoiding the common mistakes that all-too-many companies make and audiences pray you do not. Boston, MA. Register Here to Save 25%

7/24 8:30 am -- District Hall Monthly Entrepreneurs Coffee Meetup. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/24 11:45 am -- The Capital Network: Know Your Valuation for Equity Compensation (And Avoid the Perils of 409A). Boston, MA. $25. Register

7/24 5:30 pm -- Founder+Co: Startup Investor Pitch + Networking Party. Come and learn how to pitch to Investors, find out about the hottest startups before everyone else and network with other founders, investors and the Boston startup community. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/24 6:00 pm -- Boston Business Intelligence: Advanced Visuals for Power BI and Our Annual Summer Treat.  Burlington, MA. Free. RSVP

7/24 6:00 pm -- July Tech Talks & Social Night. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/24 6 pm & Future Dates -- SCORE Boston Seminars and Workshops: Finding Customers with Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing, Business Idea Evaluation & more! Boston area. Free to $20. Learn More

7/25 1:00 pm -- The Arthur M. Blank Center For Entrepreneurship: 2019 Babson Summer Venture Showcase. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/25 3:00 pm -- Venture Cafe Cambridge: Bunker Labs Boston Chapter Launch, Presented by Prudential. Cambridge,MA. Free. RSVP

7/25 5:00 pm -- AGENCY Startup Pitchfest #1; sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs. Cambridge,MA. Free. RSVP

7/25 6:00 pm -- Boston Summer Tech Networking Mixer powered by Google. Cambridge, MA. $5. Register

7/25 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Inside The Minds Of Boston's Designers. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/25 6:30 pm -- Boston EdTech Meetup: July Project Demo and Networking Night.Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/30 5.45 pm -- The Capital Network: Funding 101: Navigating Angel, SBIR, Debt and Crowdfunding Options. Lowell, MA. $10. Register

7/30 6:00 pm -- Analytics.Club Boston: A Career Networking Event for Data, Analytics and AI Professionals. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

7/30 6:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out in Boston July Networking Event sponsored by Workable. Boston, MA. $10. Register

7/30 6:00 pm -- Lightning Network: Scalable & Instant Bitcoin Transactions by Desiree and Stacie. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/30 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Intro To The Boston Startup Community. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/30 6:30 pm -- Mobile Growth Boston at GasBuddy. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/31 5:30 pm -- 13th Annual Networking Event: Transitioning into and within the medical device industry. Weston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/31 6:00 pm -- Boston BitDevs Meetup 2. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

8/1 5:30 pm -- BostInno: Boston Fest.  We'll bring the Hub's coolest young professionals from startup companies together for a huge party celebrating. Boston, MA. $16. Register

8/7 11:45 am -- The Capital Network: Build a Cap Table and Understand the Dilution Impact of Early-Stage Investment. Boston, MA. Free to $25. RSVP

8/8 6:30 pm -- "Blockchain For Everyone" Book Launch Party. Meet the real-life personalities from the book and hear about the epic, behind-the-scenes struggle to get this book to print. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

8/13 10:00 am -- The Capital Network: Guide to Raising an Angel Seed Round – Part 2: Due Diligence Documents & Contracts. Boston, MA. Free to $50. RSVP

8/15 6:00 pm -- District Hall: StartHub Founders Series: Laura Carpenter, CEO of Abridge News. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

8/21 6:30 pm -- Storytelling:building Trust as a Product Ldr By Klaviyo Sr PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

8/22 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Augmented & Virtual Reality Expo. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

9/3 to 9/6 -- Inbound 2019 Marketing Conference - Every year, tens of thousands of marketers, salespeople, and customer success pros converge in Boston for a week of learning, inspiration, and connection at INBOUND. Since 2012, the annual INBOUND event has grown to 24,000+ attendees from over 110 countries. INBOUND is one of the fastest-growing business events in the world because of the unmissable content. INBOUND features four days of inspiring talks and three nights of great parties and uproarious entertainment. Boston, MA. $20-934. Register Here to save $105 on Community Passes (Only $20!) while supplies last, or Register Here to save 25% off All-Access Passes or Save 15% Here. Learn more about Inbound 2019 here.

9/5 5:00 pm -- Harvard Data Science Initiative & Bertelsmann: Careers in Data Science. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

9/6 to 9/8 -- COBRE on Opioids and Overdose: COBRE Opioid Hackathon. A gathering of community members, students, and professionals to brainstorm innovative solutions to the opioid crisis. Providence, RI. Free. RSVP

9/10 11:45 am -- The Capital Network: Employee Compensation & Equity: Preparing for Growth. Boston, MA. $30. Register

9/11 5:00 pm -- District Hall Monthly Entrepreneurs Evening Mixer. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

9/12 6:00 pm -- Developing IO Tech in the 5G era. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

9/14 -- Make for Good: Make a Mark Boston, a 12-hour hackathon that benefits local humanitarian causes, is seeking maker applications in advance of its next event on Sept. 14. Applications close July 24. Learn more & register

9/16 6:00 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Preparing for & Competing with the ‘Tech Titans of China. Cambridge, MA.BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

9/18 6:30 pm -- Product School: How to Define Your PM Role by Onapsis Director Of Product. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

9/18 7:00 pm -- Global Legal Blockchain Consortium: GLBC Briefing. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

9/22 - 9/28 -- LEAD WITH LOVE retreat in Bali - Lead with Love offers innovation in leadership to better navigate the accelerating scientific and technology developments, to more consciously contribute toward a sustainable socio-economic future. Lead with love and create positive change in your life, your home, your workplace, your community and the world! Come to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, on a journey with positive transformation expert Boriana and Bali guide extraordinaire Anna. Early pricing ends July 4th. Registration closes Sept 6th. Save $100 with discount code BNT100. Learn More & Register

9/24 4:30 pm -- Harvard Office Of Technology Development And The HMS Dept. Of Biomedical Informatics: Biomedical Informatics Entrepreneurs Salon: Andy Coravos, Elektra Labs. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

9/24 6:00 pm -- You Are The Unicorns That You Keep: Working In A Team Environment. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

9/25 5:30 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Launch Clinic with Insurtech Startups. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

9/26 7:15 am -- Executive Alliance: Security Leaders Summit. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

10/3 9:30 am -- 3Play Media: ACCESS 2019. A day-long conference for the accessibility enthusiast. During this event, you can network with industry leaders on accessibility laws, strategies, and use cases to grow your professional network. Speakers include actor CJ Jones, Adobe product manager Jack Nicolai, and CEO of 3Play Media, Josh Miller. In addition to becoming more empowered, motivated, and prepared to create a more universe-ally accessible world, the event will host free food, swag, open bar at happy hour, and out-of-this-world surprises! Boston, MA. Limited Free tickets for BNT members! RSVP Here or Save 20% Here

10/7 6:00 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Fall 2019 Start Smart Class for Entrepreneurs. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

10/8 6:30 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: 2020: The Most Startup-Minded, Tech & Data-Driven Political Campaign…Ever.Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

10/16 6:30 pm -- Product School: Why Empathy is Important in B2B Products by One Door Sr PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

10/23 - 10/25 -- AI World Conference and Expo! Join Us on the Forefront of AI Innovation. AI World Conference and Expo has become the industry’s largest independent AI business event and is focused on the state of the practice of AI and intelligent automation in the enterprise. Now in our fourth year, AI World has become the meeting place for the industry's best and brightest. Last year's event attracted thousands of attendees from more than 35 countries. 37% of attendees were Global 2000 enterprises and 48% of attendee organizations had revenues exceeding $100M. More than 65% of the attendees were decision-makers, 42% at the Executive or Director level, and 22% were Scientists or Technologists. The AI World 3-day conference and expo delivers complete spectrum of content covering a multitude of industries, an executive summit, seminars, workshops, insightful AI case studies, the industry’s largest expo and peer networking for business and technology executives who want to create new and lasting business value for their organization. Boston, MA. Register by 8/16 for the best price. Save $200 on passes with Discount Code BNT200 or get your free Expo Pass through 10/10! Learn More & Register

10/24 3:00 pm -- FinTech Connect 2019. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

10/24 -10/25 -- Women in Tech East Coast : Digital transformation and the organizational impact it has on technology, business, and people. Packed with inspiring, practical, and thought-provoking content, you will gain the insight, strategies, and network you need to lead and accelerate change in your business and build a diverse, inclusive workforce. Here are 3 sessions not to miss How Do Leaders Need to Evolve for the Future of Tech? – Basic leadership skills include the ability to communicate a vision, manage conflict, and motivate a team. Why Businesses Need to Embrace Intersectionality – This theory considers different systems of oppression, and how they overlap and are compounded. We consider what organisations can do to adopt an intersectional approach to D&I. How to Successfully Fund Your Startup – Tech-oriented projects tend to carry added expenses with hardware needs, software licensing, and the average salaries of STEM professionals. Register by 8/2 for the best price. Save 15% with Discount Code BNT15. Learn More and Register.

10/29 4:30 pm -- Harvard Office Of Technology Development And The HMS Dept. Of Biomedical Informatics: Biomedical Informatics Entrepreneurs Salon: Jamie Band, Tiger Management. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

11/6 9:00 am -- Agile Operations Summit. Boston, MA. $98. Learn more & Register here to save 50% 

11/6 4:30 pm -- Harvard Office Of Technology Development And The HMS Dept. Of Biomedical Informatics: Biomedical Informatics Entrepreneurs Salon: Jay Bradner, MD. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

11/13 6:30 pm -- Product School: What is the Relation Between PM and UX Roles by Cohealo UX PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

11/19 5:30 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Beantown Throwdown 2019. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register