Boston-area Startup, Tech and Business Events:

Times shown are in EDT.

Ongoing: Amazon Web Services - AWS hosts events, both online and in-person, bringing the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn from AWS experts.. Online. Free. RSVP

Ongoing: Creative Mornings. Online. Free. RSVP

Ongoing: DevPost Hackathons. Online. Free.

8/6 10:00 am & Future Dates -- Boston SCORE Business Workshops: Franchising 101-Small Business Ownership, What Small Businesses Need to Know When Considering Bankruptcy, HR series, Coronavirus and the Changing Workplace, What You Need to Know About Buying or Selling a Business, The Effective Elevator Pitch and more. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 12:00 pm -- The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship: 2020 Babson Summer Catalyst Showcase. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 1:00 pm -- Startup Grind Boston: Decoding and democratizing Ai for startups with Christopher Stephenson (Topos Labs). An entrepreneur and technologist, Christopher Stephenson has been launching, leading and advising startups for more than 25 years. He is passionate about innovation and a big supporter of new venture founders who risk everything to drive positive change. Event Focus: Chris's entrepreneurial journey and lessons for our startup audience. What is the democratization of Ai and why is it important? How can we implement Ai to enhance our businesses and offers to customers. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 1:00 pm -- ODSC AI+ Training: Winning with Data for Executives. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 1:00 pm -- AGENCY @CIC: P&G Ventures: Scouting for Solutions for the World's Aging Populations. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 3:00 pm & Future Dates -- Venture Café Cambridge Events - RIC: Equity and innovation, The Future of Work: Leading an Inclusive Virtual Culture, V.Kash Stage Artist Performance - Graffiti and The Neo-Canvas, Female Entrepreneur Circle featuring Katie Stebbins: Women at Work, Get Noticed with Profile & Background Photos, Founders 55+, Team Transformation Canvas: Team Building Starts With You, Patent Strategy for Entrepreneurs: Inventorship, Ownership & Patent Rights, Energy Connect Conference, Creating LinkedIn Headlines that Stop the Scroll, Pet Innovation Conference, Supply Chain Innovation Conference, Defense Inno Conference. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 3:00 pm -- Entre: Leaders Live Series w/ General Partner of Lightship Capital. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 3:00 pm & Future Dates -- Better Business Bureau Seminars. Creating & Mixing a Hit Song, Uncommon Financial Wisdom and more. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 5:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out Panel: Forging Your Path to Leadership. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 6:00 pm -- Entre: Investor Series with Founder of Reinforced Ventures. Online. Free. RSVP

8/6 7:00 pm -- General Assembly: Latinas in Tech. Online. Free. RSVP

8/7 12:00 pm -- Greentown Labs: Founder Speaker Series ft. Jigar Shah. Online. Free. RSVP

8/8 11:00 am -- MassChallenge Boston: S&S: DoD 101; SBIR 101 Clinic. With Matt Merighi, NSIN. Online. Free. RSVP

8/10 8:30 pm -- Galvanize: Intro to Computer Science. Online. Free. RSVP

8/11-13 -- IoT World Virtual: the Intersection of Industries and IoT Technologies. Online. Free to $599. RSVP

8/11 11:00 am -- Prepare 4 VC Accelerator Demo Day #1. Meet all of the startups in the first cohort of the Prepare 4 VC virtual accelerator program. Our event includes interactive pitches with Q&A and networking tables to virtually meet other attendees in between sessions. This demo day is a pitch event open to the public to learn about the next wave of innovation and is open to corporate members, investors, founders, students and the general startup community. Online. Free. RSVP

8/11 1:00 pm -- The Capital Network: Raising Capital through Equity Crowdfunding for Your Startup. Online. Free. RSVP

8/11 1:00 pm -- Capital Factory: LGBTQ+ in Tech Summit presented by Accenture. Online. Free. RSVP

8/11 1:00 pm & Future Dates -- Entrepreneurship for Beginners - Startup | Entrepreneur Hackathon. Online. Free. RSVP

8/11 6:00 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Coronavirus Catastrophe: The Mother of All Innovation. Online. $5. Register

8/11 8:30 pm -- Galvanize: Intro to Python: Part 1. Online. Free. RSVP

8/12 10:30 am -- MassINC and the MassINC Polling Group: COVID Impact on the Massachusetts Latino Community: Developing a Path For Recovery. We will present the results of a survey of public opinion among Latino residents of Massachusetts. The survey covered a range of policy questions, including voting, the Census, impacts of COVID-19, remote learning experiences, and the pandemic's impact on family financial security. We asked these questions to assess where Latinos in our Commonwealth stand and help inform a shared policy agenda that speaks to both the short-term and long-term needs of the Latinx community. Online. Free. RSVP

8/12 12:30 pm -- HubSpot: Life in Customer Success. Online. Free. RSVP

8/12 1:00 pm & Future Dates -- Chuck Goldstone: Innovation In Challenging Times Roundtable. This is a time when connection and community are more important than ever before. Each week, we bring together entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, mentors, investors to share ideas. Join us for a virtual roundtable. No cost except your time and willingness to share with others like yourself. Recommendations. Resources. Support. Chatting with each other. Discussing challenges. Practical tools and personal resources to stay focused and in balance at a time of crushing uncertainty. The mix of people and ideas has been impressive. From it has come new opportunities, ideas, and serendipitous collaboration. Attendees roundly proclaim it an immensely valuable resource. The focus over the coming weeks will be keeping our ventures and our own spirits healthy. Beyond that, finding opportunities born out of challenge. Bring questions. Learn from peers and experts. Offer ideas and support to others. Sharing what we know and learning from others. Online. Free. RSVP

8/12 4:00 pm -- Product School: Fireside Chat with Drift CEO. Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 10:00 am -- Underscore VC: Core Collective Series: Fireside Chat with Des Traynor. Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 11:00 am & Future Dates -- Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network: Tax Provisions, Cares Act - Beyond the PPP, Increasing Efficiencies through Effective Business Systems, STEP Grant Application Process & more. Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 12:00 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: What Early Stage Startups Need to Know About Funding. Online. $5. Register

8/13 12:00 pm -- Greentown Labs: Municipal Climate Action: A Fireside Chat with Dr. Atyia Martin. Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 1:00 pm -- BostInno: State of Innovation: Startup Diversity and Inclusion. Startups, like all organizations, have a responsibility to encourage diverse hiring and cultural practices within their company, as well as ensure employees of all kinds - especially BIPOC, members of the LGBTQ community and women - are included and integral to their startup’s success. What are some of the best ways for small companies to put this in to practice? What kinds of questions should leaders in the startup world be asking themselves? How can company leaders play a role in making Boston a better and more inclusive community? And how can we make sure these best practices become proactive instead of reactive? Join us for this virtual State of Innovation meetup, where BostInno editor Rowan Walrath will host a panel of thought leaders to discuss these topics and more. Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 1:00 pm -- Tech in Motion: 5G Industry Impacts: What's Next in Connectivity. Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 3:00 pm -- AGENCY @CIC: Founders Over 55+ Club: All About Angel Funding . Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 6:00 pm -- Startup Grind Boston: The future of work with Adam Alpert (Co-Founder and CEO of Adam Alpert will share his experiences as the co-founder and CEO of, a VC-backed startup based in Rhode Island - which was named a Top Startup in MassChallenge 2019. connects companies with college students (Pangeans) for freelance projects. The marketplace allows companies to communicate directly to students, pay via a payment gateway that takes care of 1099s, and rates their performance to promote accountability. Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 6:00 pm -- General Assembly: Social Media Strategy Mapping with the Innovation Center. Online. Free (normally $55!). RSVP

8/13 6:00 pm -- IIT Association of Greater New England: Telehealth : Now and its future Evolution. Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 7:00 pm -- AMA Boston: Virtual Marketing Mingle: Empathy and the Future of Marketing. Online. Free. RSVP

8/13 8:30 pm -- Galvanize: JavaScript 101. Online. Free. RSVP

8/18 3:00 pm -- Entre: Leaders Live Series w/ Co-founder of BRAAVO Capital. Online. Free. RSVP

8/18 7:00 pm -- Greater Boston NLP & Hypnosis Meetup: Transcending Mindfulness: Break On Through to the Stillness with David Shiang talking about Jim Morrison, Albert Einstein, and the Shockingly Simple Solution to the Quantum Enigma. Online. Free. RSVP

8/18 8:30 pm -- Galvanize: Intro to Machine Learning. Online. Free. RSVP

8/19 10:00 am -- MassChallenge Boston: Top Ten Things Every Life Science Start-up Needs to be Successful. Join Foley Hoag for an interactive session on reimbursements, coverage, FDA, licensing and financing. Online. Free. RSVP

8/19 10:00 am -- MassChallenge Boston: S&S: Technical Readiness Clinic. With Hannah Roth. Online. Free. RSVP

8/19 11:00 am -- MassChallenge Boston: EFT: What’s Next–Piloting with your Enterprise Customer and Beyond. Join MC alumni, Suelin Chen, and KPMG experts, Jeff Katz and Rick Nurmi, to discuss the next steps in piloting with an enterprise customer. Online. Free. RSVP

8/19 1:00 pm -- MassChallenge Boston: Building Teams that Thrive Clinic. With Meghan Joyce (COO, Oscar). Online. Free. RSVP

8/19 4:00 pm -- Boston New Technology: FinTech & Blockchain Startup Showcase #BNT115! Learn about 6 innovative and exciting FinTech & Blockchain products from local founders, ask your questions and network with us virtually! Founders, sign up to present for free. Online. Free. RSVP

8/20 10:00 am -- Our Sales Coach: How to Get More Virtual Meetings With Decision Makers - Improve your prospecting efficiency and fill your pipeline with your ideal targets. Online. Free. RSVP

8/20 2:00 pm -- DevOps Success: How Top CISO's Implement Proactive and Continuous Security with DevSecOps - Would you like to improve your app, software and information security? Want to know how today's leading CISO's are proactively preventing risks? Would you like to see a unified view of security risks across your organization? Hariram Ananthasubramanian, Co-founder and CEO of Kaiburr, will discuss how top CISO's are implementing and maintaining proactive and continuous security with DevSecOps today. Join us for this free interactive, live, online webcast with host, Chris Requena. Free. RSVP

8/20 6:00 pm -- AIMC Business Solutions: August IT Networking Event & Vendor Showcase w/ Mass Tech Networking. Online. Free. RSVP

8/21 3:00 pm -- Entre: Founder Series with CEO of SEVENROOMS. Online. Free. RSVP

8/25 5:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out: August Virtual Geek Out. Online. Free. RSVP

8/25 6:00 pm -- Startup Boston: How to Create a Customer-Centric Startup Culture. Online. Free. RSVP

8/25 6:00 pm -- Entre: Founder Series with Co-founder of Othot. Online. Free. RSVP

8/26 10:30 am -- The Capital Network: SBIR - America's Largest Seed Fund. Online. Free. RSVP

8/26 12:00 pm -- New England Clean Energy Council: Building an Equitable Energy Future. We'll address our Energy future from a critical lens. As we work towards a clean energy future, it’s up to us to actively ensure that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and other under-represented groups are equitably represented in the endeavor and share in its rewards. Online. Free. RSVP

8/26 1:00 pm -- RE-WORK: Fighting AI Bias. Discovering how we can fight AI bias through understanding, holistic data, best practices & explainability. Confirmed speakers include: Wael AbdAlmageed, Research Associate Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, USC Viterbi School Of Engineering and Avriel Epps, Research Lab Quantitative Team Lead at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Online. Free. RSVP

8/26 4:00 pm -- Entre: Founder Series with CEO of Covered by SAGE. Online. Free. RSVP

8/26 5:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out: Fireside Chat with Pariss Chandler from Black Tech Pipeline. Online. Free. RSVP

8/26 6:00 pm -- AIMC Business Solutions: August Virtual Business Networking Event w/ Mass Professional Networking. Online. Free. RSVP

8/27 10:30 am -- Product School: Product Management Live Chat by Drift Director of Product. Online. Free. RSVP

8/27 5:00 pm -- Product School: Product Managers Guide to AI/ML by Google PM. Online. Free. RSVP

8/27 6:00 pm -- Boston Product Management Association: User Story Mapping Workshop. User Story Mapping a is a great technique to understand the current user workflow, plan out changes and iterative releases, and get your team on the same page about how all the pieces fit together to benefit the user. Done properly, story maps can provide a critical bridge between product direction, UX mockups, and a “flat” backlog that keeps everyone focused on delivering something valuable to the user. Join BPMA and Chris Petersen, formerly VP of product @ Carbonite, to learn what the User Story Mapping technique is, what it isn’t, how to use it and collaborate with fellow attendees on a mock group exercise. Online. Free. RSVP

8/28 2:30 pm -- Product School: How Product Managers Should Approach AI/ML by Facebook PM. Online. Free. RSVP

8/31 -- Product School: The Only Productivity Hack You Need by Drift CEO. Online. Free. RSVP

9/1 7:00 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Validating Your Idea. Online. Free. RSVP

9/2 2:00 pm -- MassChallenge Boston: Bootstrapping to Acquisition Clinic. With Rajiv Kumar (Virgin Pulse). Online. Free. RSVP

9/2 3:00 pm -- MassChallenge Boston: Lifescience: Raising Dollars. With John Conley (Angel Investor, entrepreneur). Online. Free. RSVP

9/2 6:00 pm -- Startup Grind Boston: The Startup Community Way with Brad Feld (Foundry Group). This will be a virtual fireside chat event led by Chapter Directors Jason Kraus and Yev Ioffe with featured speaker Brad Feld. We will discuss Brad's entrepreneurial journey, his new book the Startup Community Way, building momentum in the startup community and any questions you have on your own ventures in an Ask Me Anything format. Online. $20 for ticket and "The Startup Community Way" book. Register

9/8 12:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out: Job Search AMA with the Career Contessa. Online. Free. RSVP

9/10 3:30 pm -- Masschallenge HealthTech: MCHT20 Virtual Finale & Application Launch. Join us to celebrate the 2020 MassChallenge HealthTech cohort and kick off 2021 applications! This exciting event will feature: Fireside chats with the grand prize winners and their program Champions, announcement of our Startup Choice, Women in Digital Health, and Champion of the Year winners and a chance to hear from our Champions about their challenges for the 2021 program. Online. Free. RSVP

9/11 5:00 pm -- Product School: Building AI-First Products by Expedia Sr Product Manager. Online. Free. RSVP

9/14 10:00 am -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Connected Things 2020. The Connected Things 2020 conference will gather together corporate and startup leaders to uncover the opportunities and challenges at the intersection of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning). Boston, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

9/15 7:00 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: What is My Market and How Do I Address it? Online. Free. RSVP

9/16 6:00 pm -- Revolve Nation Boston Entrepreneurs: Networking & Discussion Group. Online. Free. RSVP

9/16 7:00 pm -- Boston Product Management Association: Building Strong Partnerships between Product Managers and Product Marketers. Same Challenges, Different Approaches: Building Strong Partnerships between Product Managers and Product Marketers. Join us as we explore how product managers and marketers can best work together from planning to launching new products and features in an exclusive partnership between BPMA and PMA (Product Marketing Alliance). We'll be featuring a panel of product managers along with their product marketing counterparts, and each pair will discuss where their partnerships have succeeded, the pitfalls of these parties not working closely together, and the challenges they've needed to overcome in order to be in sync with one another. Online. Free. RSVP

9/17 7:30 am -- Sales and Marketing Innovators: Using Partnerships to Build Brand, Community, and Revenue. Online. Free. RSVP

9/17-18 -- RE-WORK: AI Applications Virtual Summit (5 Tracks) - Discover the latest technical advancements and business applications in AI across this five-track summit. Tracks include AI in Retail, AI in Finance, AI in Marketing, AI in RegTech and Ai in Insurance. One pass covers all 5 tracks and is available for $99. Hear from over 50 speakers and network with 700+ attendees! Use code MP20 for 20% off. Register

9/17-18 -- ODSC - Open Data Science Conference: Virtual AI Expo || ODSC West 2020 Virtual Conference. Online. Free. RSVP

9/17 1:00 pm -- Startup Grind Boston: Transforming and turning around startups with Mike Boyle (RCM Technologies). Startup Grind Fireside Chat hosted by Jason Kraus and Yev Ioffe, online from the comfort of your home or office. Join us in a discussion with Mike Boyle, described as the Transformation Coach for his work turning around businesses into successful growing brands. Online. Free. RSVP

9/17 5:00 pm -- M2D2 - Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center & Biotech Incubator: 2020 M2D2 $200K Challenge Pitch-Off & Awards Celebration. Online. Free. RSVP

9/21-25 -- Startup Boston Week. Featuring 70 events and 200 speakers. We’re bringing together thousands of startup enthusiasts, serial and first-time entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, students, and the employees that make startup magic happen! Showcasing the very diverse startup community - and the talent and resources that strengthen our innovative tech scene - we invite you to this “one time a year” event. Online. Free. RSVP

9/21 5:00 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Launch Clinic with Edtech Startups. Online. $10. Register

9/22 - 9/23 -- Inbound Marketing Conference. Online. Free. RSVP

9/24 6:00 pm -- TiE Boston: Women, Wealth and Wine with Sangita Rousseau. Online. $10. Register

9/28 to 10/29 -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Fall 2020 Start Smart Class. A  hands-on class for entrepreneurs who are serious about launching a startup. CEO's, successful entrepreneurs and investors who’ve done it all before are invited guest speakers and an integral component of the learning experience!  Many people who take the class are at the very early stage concept level - the class will help you develop your idea. Online. Register

10/6 7:00 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Who are My Competitors and How I am Better? Online. Free. RSVP

10/20 7:00 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Developing a Business Model for your Startup. Online. Free. RSVP

11/5-6 -- Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing USA. Adapt, Innovate, Reimagine! Set Benchmarks, Showcase Innovation, Map the Future of Marketing. 5,000+ Attendees, 40+ Expert Speakers, 25+ Live sessions, 15 On-Demand sessions and 1,000+ Virtual meetings. Setting the Agenda for Marketing Teams Globally. We are amidst the most dramatic shift in consumer expectations in a lifetime. The entire fabric of our lives has changed and, in turn, so too has the way we want to interact with brands. Marketing must change to align with this shift, now. We are uniting the world’s most influential CMOs to set benchmarks, showcase innovation, and map the future of marketing – one where brands are purpose-driven, campaigns are intelligently data-backed, and innovation drives growth. The world is changing and this disruption will pave the way for new industry leaders. How will take advantage of this opportunity to reconnect with your customers? Speakers include: Nidhi Gupta - Director, Global Product Marketing, GTM, eBay, Kevin Peck - Senior Vice President, Global Branding - Technology, Media & Telecom, AT&T, Penny Baldwin - CMO, Qualcomm, Chris Curtin - Chief Brand & Innovation Marketing Officer, Visa, Ira Rubenstein - Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, PBS, Doug Jensen - SVP, CRM, Corporate Marketing Analytics and Innovation Insights, Estée Lauder, Alex Weinstein - SVP Growth, Grubhub, Erica Chan - Head of Brand and Marketing,, Leela Srinivasan - Chief Marketing Officer, SurveyMonkey, Connie Chan Wang - Director, Global Brand Marketing, LinkedIn, Carol Tran - Head of Growth, Dolby, Will Cady - Head of Brand Strategy, Reddit. Online. Free. RSVP

1/28-29 -- RE-WORK: Deep Learning 2.0 Virtual Summit (6 Tracks) - Discover the latest technical advancements and business applications in AI across this five-track summit. Tracks include Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, GANs, Computer Vision and Ethics stages. One pass covers all 6 tracks and is available for $99. Hear from over 50 speakers and network with 700+ attendees! Use code MP20 for 20% off. Register

Ongoing - General Assembly Boston: Free Tech info sessions, meetups, demo nights, hackathons and meet & hire events. RSVP

Ongoing -- Microsoft Reactor Tech, Developer and Business Workshops: Creating Point Maps in Power BI, Using the Cloud for Machine Learning with ML Studio, Deploying Apps into Kubernetes, Content & Marketing Summit: Grit Daily x Microsoft for Startups, Predict values with regression, Innovation is impossible without psychological safety, Greater Seattle Microsoft Azure Meetup, How to use Computer vision and Translator Text, AI: How to use the Face detection API, Microsoft Healthcare Partner Showcase, Managing Microsoft Teams, Microsoft for Startups : How to set up the Growth Engine for your Startup, PowerApps for Big Kids and Little Kids, Overview of Django, Meet the Azure Product Leaders series – Azure Linux VMs and Workloads, Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning projects with Azure Pipelines, Unified Endpoint Security, Build a document analyzer with Azure Functions and Logic Apps, Azure IoT Security, AI as a Service Overview, Protect Microsoft Teams with Cloud App Security, Azure DevOps for absolute Beginners, Building and deploying a Django app, Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Roadmap: April Updates, Developing Microservices Architecture using OSS Technologies and more! RSVP  /  See More Microsoft Training Events Here