Boston-area Startup, Tech and Business Events:

3/11 6:30 pm & Future Dates -- General Assembly: Introduction to Digital Marketing. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/12 8:00 am -- Boston Serverless Group: ServerlessDays Boston. A community-focused, single track, one day ​event that moves away from the hype and focuses on the reality of serverless-based solutions. It’s about fostering a community locally and helping all of us learn from each other as we embrace a new way of building applications. Join us for a day filled with industry experts, open space discussions, and networking opportunities to meet and learn from others using serverless in production. Microsoft NERD Center, Cambridge, MA. $49. Register

3/12 11:30 am -- M2D2: Venture Capital Bootcamp with Boston Scientific. Lowell, MA. Free. RSVP

3/12 5:00 pm -- Hatch Startup 101 Sessions: Lessons in Scale w/ Co-Founder of DigitalOcean. Curated talks, panels, and fireside chats designed for entrepreneurs and developers looking to build impactful software. We bring together the best in various regional startup ecosystems, to share the stories from founders, builders, and creators. We are dedicated to learning and growing together in this dynamic and flourishing tech ecosystem, and want to always continue the conversation, with YOU at the center. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

3/12 5:30 pm -- FintechWomen: Let's Start with Allies. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/12 5:45 pm & Future Dates -- SCORE Boston Seminars and Workshops: Simple Steps for Growing Your Business, Power Up Your Brand/Business with LinkedIn, Building an Effective Business Plan -- The First Step to Success, Understanding Financial Statements for Small Businesses, Accounting for Small Businesses, Maximize Your Trade Show Experience for Company Success, Quickbooks Hands-On Workshop, What You Need to know About Franchise Ownership, Startup Bootcamp, Power Up Your Brand/Business with LinkedIn, Your Start-up Budget for Launching a New Business, Learning from your Competition, Establish A Social Media Marketing Blueprint: Creating Hashtag Moments, Learn How to Sell Better to Grow Your Business, Pricing Products and Services: Knowing if your "Price is Right", Startup Bootcamp, How to Market Your Products or Services on Instagram, Establish A Social Media Blueprint: The Message Is In The Numbers & more! Boston area. Free to $20. Learn More

3/12 6:00 pm -- TiE Boston: Investor Outlook Forum. Brings together business leaders and entrepreneurs to hear investors discuss industry outlooks in the year ahead. Participants will hear from leaders in the VC community about their investment focus areas and guiding principles for the year. Boston, MA. Register Here to Save 15%

3/12 6:00 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Startup Success is Sales & Marketing...And More. Learn startup basics and complexities. Hear stories of success and failures in an interactive audience forum. We are featuring Jack Derby, Mass High Tech All-Star, co-founder of 9 companies, investor in 54 companies and Professor of Entrepreneurship. The session will be part presentation, part lecture, part Q&A across all facets driving startup success. Bring your questions, your startup challenges, and learn steps required to drive your startup success. Cambridge, MA. $10. Register

3/12 6:00 pm -- Data & Cognitive Developers: IBM in practice: Leveraging Data Science & AI technologies as a competitive tool. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

3/12 6:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out in Boston March Happy Hour. Cambridge, MA. $10. Register

3/12 6:30 pm & Future Dates -- General Assembly: Introduction to Python. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/12 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Social Media Influencers Panel. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 8:30 am -- 1 Million Cups Boston March Meetup - Female Founders. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 11:45 am -- Mansfield BIO-Incubator: Startup Essentials: Reimbursement Analysis and Planning. Mansfield, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 4:00 pm -- Small Business Marketing and Sales Strategy and Networking: Networking and Referrals - Strategies to improve your results! Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 5:30 pm -- Hops N Ops Boston Meetup. For IT, DevOps and Security professionals. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 6:00 pm -- The Startup Coalition: What Investors Look for in a Startup and in Their Pitch in 2019. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 6:00 pm -- Babson's Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab Finale. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 6:00 pm -- District Hall Monthly Entrepreneurs Evening Mixer. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 6:00 pm -- Tech in Motion: Break the Ice: Tech Networking Mixer. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 6:00 pm -- Boston Data Mining: Building Data Pipelines for ML. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 6:00 pm -- Boston E-Commerce Meetup: E-Commerce Growth. TBD, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 6:00 pm -- Ministry of Testing: Boston: Your Code Hit Production, Now What? Somerville, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 6:30 pm & Future Dates -- General Assembly: Introduction to Coding: HTML & CSS. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/13 6:30 pm -- Product School: What are Ambiguous Phases of a Products Lifecycle by Chewy Sr PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/14 to 3/15 -- MassTLC: Build Your Business Conference. Over two days of programming, you’ll get a holistic view of building a technology company’s leadership, sales and human resources functions. This includes company site visits, a career fair and a full day of professional development. We’ll take a closer look at the operations of your business in 2019, featuring strategic and tactical insights on topics ranging from product marketing and customer success to understanding, defining, and supporting cross-functional roles in your organization. Cambridge, MA. Save 15% with discount code BNT19. Register

3/14 8:00 am -- Xilinx Machine Learning Live. Chelmsford, MA. Free. RSVP

3/14 5:00 pm -- PTC: Industrial Augmented Reality: What's Next? Join us as industry and technology experts examine the importance of industrial AR today and showcase the next phase of AR at the forefront of digital transformation. Includes Opening Remarks from PTC CEO, Jim Heppelmann, Lightening Talks on Industrial AR, Real-time product demos and a Networking Reception. This will be the first in a series of industry-focused events held at PTC’s new state-of-the-art headquarters, where technology is interlaced with the physical space and the digital infrastructure of 121 Seaport. PTC, Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/14 5:00 pm -- HubSpot: Disruptive Found(H)ers: Building Community, Talking Tech & Raising Capital. Did you know that black female-owned business are the fastest growing economic force in the U.S., but black female founders receive less than 1% of VC funds, higher loan rates, and lower loan amounts? Shelly Bell is on a mission to disrupt these stats and bring more black and brown female founders into the spotlight. Join us to hear from Shelly, Founder & CEO of Black Girl Ventures as she talks about what it's like building a company as a Black, LGBTQ, female founder. Shelly will talk about her business, how she engages minority groups and the real talk on raising money as an underrepresented entrepreneur. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

3/14 5:00 pm -- Venture Café Cambridge: Defense Innovation Night: The Role of Venture Capital. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

3/14 6:00 pm -- Mass Innovation Nights 120 Startup Showcase. Featuring innovative solutions and products from current students, alumni and professors of Brandeis University. Waltham, MA. Free. RSVP

3/14 6:00 pm -- American Marketing Association Boston's Marketing Mingle 2019. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/14 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Intro to the Boston Startup Community. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/14 6:30 pm & Future Dates -- General Assembly: Introduction to Data Analytics. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/17 2:00 pm & Future Sundays -- ConnectAITogether: Kaggle: Hands On Machine Learning. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/18 4:00 pm -- A Taste of Techstars - Presented by Techstars Sustainability and STANLEY + Techstars. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/18 6:00 pm -- Boston New Technology FinTech & Blockchain Startup Showcase #BNT99! Come learn about 7 innovative and exciting tech ventures from founders and network with the Boston-area startup community! Foley Hoag, Boston, MA. $15. Register

3/18 6:00 pm -- GDG Boston Android: 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit Viewing Party. Learn what's new with the open source machine learning framework. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/18 6:30 pm & Future Dates -- General Assembly: Introduction to User Experience Design. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/19 & 4/24 -- Chuck Goldstone: CORE STORY: Get Investors & Markets to Listen. Like You. Do What You Want. So, what do you do? That's the most important question a startup (or any company or even individual) can answer. Answer it well and be the one remembered. Funded. Hired. Successful. IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT YOUR INVESTOR DECK OR ELEVATOR PITCH. This is not your conventional pitch deck training. This game-changing model will dramatically change the way you look at presentations, armingyou will the skills and confidence to get your audience to listen, like you, and do what you’d like. The power of a core story. Strategies used by the most successful companies to move markets and investors to interest, agreement, and decision. A step-by-step, art-and-science based model to develop and deliver your core story. Being heard above the competitive noise with a message that engages, is clear, compels audiences to listen, and drives them to action. Avoiding the common mistakes that all-too-many companies make and audiences pray you do not. Boston, MA. Register Here to Save 25%

3/19 12:00 pm -- Fintech for Social Impact. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/19 4:00 pm -- Brigham And Women's Hospital: AGENCY Reverse Pitch. Calling all innovators, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders . . . we need your ingenuity to serve our aging population! Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/19 5:00 pm -- New Year, New Technology. Join us at Wayfair's Global Headquarters to hear tech talks by engineers from Wayfair, Drizly and Spotify! Learn about some of the new, innovative projects these engineers are working on over some savory hors d'oeuvres, and enjoy networking with engineers from the Boston tech scene. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/19 5:00 pm & Future Dates -- City of Boston - Mayor's Office of Economic Development Seminars: Pathways to City Contracting: How to Obtain Surety Bonds, Restaurant Ownership, Pathways to City Contracts: Prevailing Wage and Certified Payroll Training, Thriving in Business: for Artists, Business 101: Commercial Space, The Public Lottery Process for Food Trucks, Thriving in Business: Creative Economy, Thriving in Business: for Immigrants & More. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/19 6:00 pm -- StartupGrind Boston: Fundraising by IPO and the future of bioprinting. Boston, MA. $10. Register

3/19 6:00 pm & Future Dates -- Mass Tech & Mass Professional Networking: Business & Tech Networking Events. Boston-area. Free to $10. Register

3/19 6:00 pm -- Women Who Code Boston: Women Leaders in Software: Fireside Chat @ mabl. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/19 6:00 pm -- JAMstack Boston: Presentation Night - "Gatsby and Drupal sitting in a tree" with Shane Thomas. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/19 6:00 pm -- EforAll Lynn's Winter Accelerator Showcase & Awards Celebration. Lynn, MA. Free. RSVP

3/19 6:00 pm -- The Security of Things: DC Seward on preventing code injection attacks on IoT endpoints. TBD, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 12:00 pm -- TECHTalks. Topics: Materiomics: Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform Materials by Design, Accelerating Speed of Innovation while Cutting Costs in the Cloud, Rapid Scale and Dynamic Digital Transformation. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 5:30 pm -- The Koch Institute at MIT: SCIENCE with/in/sight: 2019 Koch Institute Image Awards. Celebrate the diversity of biomedical research at the opening of the 2019 Koch Institute Image Awards exhibition. Featuring a range of microscopy and data visualization techniques, this year's display explores topics ranging from developmental biology to machine learning. Dive into cell migration, gene expression, cancer therapy, optogenetics, and more with lightning talks by MIT biologists, engineers, computer scientists, and imaging specialists, and enjoy a casual networking session with your fellow art-science enthusiasts against the backdrop of this year’s newly unveiled winning images. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 5:30 pm -- Institute of Management Accountants: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Dave Sackett, Senior Director of Finance and Administration, ULVAC Technologies, Inc. Wellesley, MA. $25-75. Register

3/20 6:00 pm -- AI Product Management. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 6:00 pm -- Women Who Code Boston: March Tech Talks & Social Night. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 6:00 pm -- UiPath RPA Boston: Get to Know Robotic Process Automation & UiPath. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 6:30 pm -- Boston New Technology & General Assembly: The State of AI (Artificial Intelligence) panel discussion with Ben Clark, Chief Architect, Wayfair, Rob May, CEO and Co-Founder, Talla, Judah Phillips, CTO & Co-Founder, Squark and more! Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 6:30pm -- Boston Business Intelligence: Data Quality for BI Best Practices. Burlington, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 6:30 pm -- Global Startup Ecosystem: Haiti Tech Summit 2019 (Roadshow). Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 6:30 pm -- Product School: How to Succeed in a Product Innovation Role by Verizon PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/20 6:30 pm & Future Dates -- General Assembly: Introduction to Data Science. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/21 8:30 am -- Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship: New England's 2018 Youth Entrepreneurship Summit. Wellesley, MA. Free. RSVP

3/21 8:30 am -- Our Sales Coach: Close More Business Workshop-How To Get Your Close Rate To 80-90%. Braintree, MA. Free. RSVP

3/21 5:30 pm & Future Dates -- [email protected]: Funding Series: Four Ways to Raise Money for Your Idea. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/21 5:30 pm -- NECEC: Cleantech Open's 2019 Boston Kickoff Party! Boston, MA. $15. Register

3/21 6:00 pm -- Boston Women in Digital March Meetup: Meet Alaina! Boston, MA. $5. Register

3/21 6:00 pm -- American Marketing Association Boston & PRSA Boston: CMO's Dilemma: Leveraging Agency Partners for Maximum Success. Waltham, MA. $15-20. Register

3/21 6:30 pm -- Learning Analytics: Beginners Bootcamp. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/21 7:00 pm -- WGBH: BostonTalks: Women Making History. Boston, MA. $10. Register

3/22 7:30 am -- State House News Forum: STEM and the Massachusetts Workforce Challenge. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/22 8:00 am -- Day of Shecurity Conference Boston 2019. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/22 - 3/24 -- TechTogether Boston - Boston's Largest All-Female & Femme Non-binary Hackathon! For 36 hours, we equip women with all the resources they need to transform their dreams into reality. No experience is necessary; only a passion for exploring the exciting the world of technology! You'll enjoy a weekend of awesome tech, food, swag, workshops, and mini-events while learning from distinguished speakers, inspiring mentors, and peers. Boston, MA. Free. Apply

3/25 10:00 am -- MIT Enterprise Forum: 2019 Connected Things IoT conference! This year, our theme is disruptive IoT. Forces contributing to disruptive IoT include new networks, new devices and especially new business models. Today, everything is a “connected thing.” Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

3/25 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/26 8:30 am -- The Capital Network: Series A Fast Track: A Fundraising Bootcamp for Post-Seed Entrepreneurs with 20+ Top Boston VCs & Investors. This intensive, interactive half-day seminar provides post seed-stage entrepreneurs an in-depth understanding of what it takes to raise Series A capital. Taught by Boston’s top VC & Angel investors who will give you unique insights about fundraising and growing your company the right way. Boston, MA. Save $50! Register

3/26 6:00 pm -- FutureX Discover: Better Capitalism. With Insider Inc. and Business Insider Global Editor-in-Chief, Nich Carlson. Get 20% off your ticket with code FUTUREXBNT. Learn more & Register.

3/26 6:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out in Boston March Networking Event. Boston, MA. $10. Register

3/27 7:45 am -- Raising Money in 2019 - Keys to Success. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/27 8:30 am -- District Hall Monthly Entrepreneurs Coffee Meetup. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/27 3:00 pm -- HR Technology Boston: HR Tech discussion followed by Happy Hour! Wayfair, Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/27 5:00 pm -- Women in Technology Innovation Forum. Join us at PTC’s state-of-the-art headquarters as Boston’s most prominent leaders come together for a candid conversation on creating opportunities for local women in technology. Hear first-hand how employers and professional organizations are taking action to better understand the obstacles women face when progressing their careers, as well as the steps already being taken to address those obstacles. This forum will provide the opportunity for attendees to voice their experiences directly to local business leaders and weigh in on what improvements can be pursued to help women in technology achieve their leadership potential in Massachusetts. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/27 6:00 pm -- Boston PHP: Get started with Machine Learning . Wayfair, Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/27 6:00 pm -- Performance Engineering and Capacity Planning: Monthly Roundtable: SRE, Performance and Scalability in the age of the Cloud. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

3/27 6:30 pm -- Boston Blockchain Association Presents. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/28 8:30 am -- NECEC: Emerging Trends Series: Where Transportation Converges with Cleantech. Boston, MA. $50. Register

3/28 5:30 pm -- Boston Tech and Beer (TAB) - networking event. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/28 6:00 pm -- Founders Live Boston! Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/28 6:00 pm -- The Boston Bootstrappers: Building a Strong Regional Model Before Pushing Your Tech Nationwide. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/28 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: How She Got There: An Evening With Female Entrepreneurs. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/30 8:30 am -- SQL Saturday #813 - BI Edition 2019 - A free training event for Microsoft Data Platform professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Analytics. Burlington, MA. Register

4/1 11:45 am -- The Capital Network: Employee Compensation & Equity: Preparing for Growth. Boston, MA. $25. Register

4/1 7:00 pm -- Boston NLP For Professionals Meetup: Creating Resource States That You Can Use Whenever You Need Them. Do you ever have the need to feel strong, courageous, and confident? Would you ever like to feel the feeling of peace and tranquility in the moment when you need to? How about the ability to breakthrough stress and/or overwhelm with some light hearted fun feelings? Does this sound impossible? In this workshop, we will show you how to create and anchor resourceful feelings or states of mind that you can use whenever you need to. The Yard, Boston, MA. $25. Register

4/2 11:30 am -- Mansfield BIO-Incubator: Is Your Life Science Company: Ready to Scale Up and Grow? Operation Efficient? Mansfield, MA. Free. RSVP

4/2 6:00 pm -- District Hall: Legal 101 for Entrepreneurs & Startups: Workshop. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/2 6:30 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Project? Hobby?....or COMPANY? Waltham, MA. $20. Register

4/3 6:00 pm -- AI 101. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/3 6:30 pm -- Product School: How to Roadmap Your Product Management Career by PMs. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/4 6:00 pm -- Harvard SEAS Department: Harvard i3 Innovation Challenge AWARDS CEREMONY. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/4 6:00 pm -- KingsCrowd & Rocket Dollar: Startup Investing For All. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/5 9:00 am / 5:30 pm -- Tufts Entrepreneurship Center: Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition, Keynote & Awards Ceremony 2019. Boston, MA. Free to $10. Register

4/5 & 5/3 10 am & 1 pm -- Dassault Systemes: Community Open House - Learn how Dassault Systèmes' world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Each 1.5-hour session includes: Corporate Overview, Executive Business Center (EBC) Playground Tour, Virtual Reality Center and 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Tour. Waltham. MA. RSVP

4/8 9:30 am -- Life Science and Healthcare AI Seminar Hosted by Linguamatics. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/9 1:30 pm -- Harvard Data Science Initiative: Representation in Academia - Using data science to better understand and overcome the challenges women face in academia. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

4/9 5:30 pm -- [email protected]In Real Life: Communicating Your Idea Through "The Pitch" Workshop. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/9 6:00 pm -- Shoobx Startup Series - Startup Snafus: Avoiding Common Founder Mistakes. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/9 6:00 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Making Your Pitch A Money Magnet. Cambridge, MA. $10. Register

4/10 7:00 am -- Experience the Future of AI in Radiology. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/10 8:30 am -- MITX DesignTech Summit. Join leaders from Walmart, Audible, Automattic, Fidelity, athenahealth & others as they discuss the business of design and how you can elevate the role of design in your organization. Get 20% off with code MITXBNT. Learn more & Register

4/10 5:30 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Breaking the Ice with Angels. Boston, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

4/10 6:00 pm -- Machine Learning for Non Technical Execs. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/10 6:30 pm -- Boston CSS: Responsive Design 2.0. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/11 to 4/12 -- Forward Leading: Big Data & AI Leaders Summit Boston 2019! The most exclusive and influential Big Data and Artificial Intelligence conference is coming back to Boston. Taking your place alongside more than 100 data scientists, AI innovators, machine learning forerunners, robotics engineers, leading analysts, IT strategists and business leaders who are redesigning the future of business. We’ve hand-picked every speaker for their expertise, experience and influence in data, machine learning and AI technology and strategy for attendees to gain cutting-edge insights and networking opportunities. You’ll hear compelling data case studies, build career-enhancing skills and expand business network with 100 potential collaborators. Confirmed speakers include: Global Head of Data Science & Analytics, Bose, Director, IT Applications & PMO, New Balance, Director, Head of Data Architecture, Fidelity Investments, Director, Marketing Insights, EF Education First, Director, Data Science, Monster, VP IT & Chief Digital Health Officer, Boston Scientific, VP & Chief Data Officer, ERT, Chief Scientist, RoadBotics, Senior Data Scientist, Life Time Fitness, Principal Data Scientist, Aetna. Boston, MA. View the 2-day Agenda here and Register here to Save 20%!

4/11 5:00 pm -- Accelerate, Wentworth Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center: Accelerate Startup Challenge Spring 2019 PitchRound. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/11 5:30 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: The Longevity Revolution is Here. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

4/11 5:30 pm -- BostInno State of Innovation I Corporate Innovation Centers. We invite the community to come together for networking and to get connected to corporate innovation labs. The night will include a panel discussion about how big companies are fostering startups through innovation labs. Massachusetts is recognized globally as a center of innovation, but it’s not just startups leading the charge. Well-known technology companies are generating big ideas by investing in innovation labs. Discover how these idea incubators are investing in the community, and providing local startups with comprehensive support, accelerated knowledge, skill development, a gateway to future customers and access to investors. Boston, MA. $19-34. Register Here to Save 25% (while supplies last)

4/11 6:00 pm -- Boston FinTech: Fintech, Small Business & The American Dream. TBD, MA. Free. RSVP

4/11 6:00 pm -- Ellis Project: How To Make It In America: Immigration Options for Entrepreneurs. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/12 9:00 am -- MIT Senseable City Lab: 2019 Forum on Future Cities: Urban Intelligence (UI). Thought leaders, industry heads, researchers, city officials and citizens at large are invited to explore challenges, trends, and current issues impacting the fields of big data, digital technology, and the urban landscape. As AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes ubiquitous, it transforms many aspects of the environment we live in. In cities, AI is opening up a new era of an endlessly reconfigurable environment. Empowered by robust computers and elegant algorithms that can handle massive data sets, cities can make more informed decisions and create feedback loops between humans and the urban environment. This is UI (Urban Intelligence). We'll discuss the UI transformation: autonomous vehicles, ubiquitous data collection, advanced data analytics, and novel ways of governing innovation. Thought leaders from government, academia, industry and civil society will explore such topics from different points of view, highlighting the scientific and technological challenges, the critical collective decisions we as a society will have to make, and the exciting possibilities ahead. Cambridge, MA. $15-75. Register

4/12 6:00 pm -- MIT Press Bookstore: Nicholas Agar: How to Be Human in the Digital Economy. Agar will discuss his book, How to Be Human in the Digital Economy. In the digital economy, accountants, baristas, and cashiers can be automated out of employment; so can surgeons, airline pilots, and cab drivers. Machines will be able to do these jobs more efficiently, accurately, and inexpensively. But, Nicholas Agar warns in this provocative book, these developments could result in a radically dis-empowered humanity. Agar explains that developments in artificial intelligence enable computers to take over not just routine tasks but also the kind of “mind work” that previously relied on human intellect, and that this threatens human agency. The solution, Agar argues, is a hybrid social-digital economy. The key value of the digital economy is efficiency. The key value of the social economy is humanness. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

4/14 8:00 am -- MIT Sloan Africa Business Club: MIT Africa Innovate Conference | Made in Africa. Cambridge, MA. $30-95. Register

4/16 6:00 pm -- The Security of Things: Supply Chain Security with DUST Identity CEO Dr. Ophir Gaathon. TBD, MA. Free. RSVP

4/17 6:30 pm -- Product School: How Product Roles Differ in Each Company by Product at Lovepop. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/18 9:00 am -- AUVSI New England: ROBOTICA Autonomous Vehicle Summit. Cambridge, MA. $45–145. Register

4/22 6:00 pm -- Boston New Technology: Founder Talk: Bobbie Carlton of Innovation Nights and Innovation Women. First Republic Bank, Boston, MA. $15-30. Registration Opens Here Soon

4/22 6:00 pm -- [email protected] Idea Cup Celebration - Spring 2019! Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/23 10:00 am -- The Capital Network: Guide to Raising an Angel Seed Round – Part 2: Due Diligence Documents & Contracts. Boston, MA. $40. Register

4/24 6:00 pm -- Imitation Learning - Reinforcement Learning for the Real World. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/25 6:00 pm -- Boston Product Management Association: Product Management for the Enterprise. Somerville, MA. $5. Register

4/26 6:00 pm -- Innovators Night 2019! [email protected]'s Year-End Celebration. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

4/27 8:00 am -- Imagination in Action @ MIT: Finance, Technology and New Beginnings. Blockchain + AI + Human = Magic. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

4/30 - 5/1 -- ODSC: Accelerate AI Business Summit! Features 50+ expert-led sessions focusing on the latest developments in tech’s fastest-growing field: Artificial Intelligence. Attendees hear from industry leaders how to adopt AI into core business functions, connect and collaborate with fellow experts and executives, and develop and refine roadmaps to unlock the power of AI in their own companies. Boston, MA. Register Here to Save 50%  /  Learn More Here

4/30 to 5/3 -- 5th Annual ODSC East Open Data Science Conference 2019! This year’s 2019 ODSC East brings together the most influential data scientists, practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. ODSC East showcases the best and the brightest when it comes to Data Science, including many open source data science pioneers. Join 7,500 of your data science peers from around the world for this 4-day event, featuring 200+ sessions: 100+ talks, 75 hands-on workshops, 55 intensive training sessions, and 10 keynotes. Topics: Deep learning, Machine learning, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence. Languages: Python, R Julia, Scala, Pig/Hive/NoSQL. Tools: Apache Spark, MLlib, Tensorflow, Caffe, Scikit-learn, Azure ML, Amazon ML,, Neo4J, D3.js, R-Shiny, Hadoop. Boston, MA. Register Here to Save 50%  /  Learn More Here

5/1 to 5/2 -- ODSC AI Solution Showcase Expo & Demo Hall. IT Managers and Business Leaders looking to integrate artificial intelligence into their companies in 2019 are invited to the AI Solution Showcase Expo & Demo Hall, open May 1 & 2 at the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) East in Boston. Leaders in the field like IBM, DataRobot, SAS, S&P Global and Mathworks - more than 60 companies total - are partnering with the ODSC to demo their latest software platforms and AI-based tools to the 7000+ attendees at the conference. There are also tracks of specialized content running in the Solution Showcase Demo Theaters on both days; experts in the field will demonstrate the latest in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualizations and more. Boston, MA. Qualified applicants can attend the Solution Showcase Expo & Demo Hall for free - anyone may attend for a small fee. To see if you qualify for a free pass, apply here.

5/1 6:00 pm -- Harvard Innovation Labs: The 2019 Harvard President's Innovation Challenge - Awards Ceremony. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

5/3 to 6/14 (evenings) & Future Dates -- 2020 Startups: 6 Week Hyper-Accelerator. 2020 Startups is a zero-equity accelerator program that brings to life the major trends and challenges for today’s rising startups. Designed to help founders disrupt marketplaces and growth hack, this program gives founders exposure to proven business strategies, access to our network of investors, and face time with industry thought leaders and experts. BNT has ten $2,000 scholarships to give away for this program! Contact Chris Requena at Chris "at" to request one. Boston, MA. Learn More Here and Apply Here

5/3 to 5/5 -- MIT Grand Hack 2019: Hacking Medicine. Interested in healthcare innovation? Then this is the event for you! Join MIT Hacking Medicine for one of the largest healthcare hackathons in the world! This is the weekend to brainstorm and build innovative solutions with hundreds of like-minded engineers, clinicians, designers, developers and business people. Within our four themes, there is sure to be a healthcare challenge for everyone! Cambridge, MA. Free. Apply to Participate by 4/17

5/3 7:00 pm -- TEDxCambridge 2019. Experience ideas worth spreading. TEDxCambridge is a premier evening event experience that celebrates the remarkable innovation, creativity, and inspiration found within the region and beyond. Features 2,500 guests, six speakers, and two performances. Use presale code Decade for early access to tickets. Boston, MA. $50-65. Register

5/6 to 5/12 -- Boston Blockchain Week! Join these free events:

5/6 5:30 pm -- BBQ and Blockchain Kickoff Event. Join Pillar, G20 Ventures, Underscore VC & the Boston blockchain community for an evening of BBQ and networking to celebrate the kick off of Boston Blockchain Week! Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

5/7 8:00 am -- Algorand: Eggs and Algos! Join Silvio Micali and members of the Algorand team over coffee and breakfast to discuss the vision of Algorand, its current state, what we’ve learned as a team so far, and to showcase our ecosystem and community growth. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

5/7 4:00 pm -- How To Protect Privacy on a Blockchain -- Why You Need To Care RIGHT NOW. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

5/7 5:30 pm -- Startup Boston: How to Land a Career in Blockchain. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

5/8 8:00 am -- (Off) The Chain Summit presented by Pillar and Castle Island Ventures. Join a select group of 250 founders, developers, academics, and students for a conversation about the future of blockchain. Boston, MA. Free. Request an Invite

5/8 6:00 pm -- The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship: [email protected]: Creating Campus Resources and Community for Higher Ed. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

5/9 7:00 pm -- Boston Blockchain Association Presents: Boston Blockchain Week! Join to discuss Making Boston the Global Hub of Blockchain. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

5/11 - 5/12 -- BUIDLBoston Hackathon! Join entrepreneurs, students and professionals from MA to connect, learn, and develop new ways to address problems that will not only impact Boston, but will transform the way in which the global community lives using blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The event will focus on some of the key Nations General Assembly Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Boston, MA. Free. Apply to Join


5/7 8:00 am -- TiECON EAST 2019. A full day conference that brings together the people, companies and sectors that fuel the innovation economy. Hosted by TiE Boston, this once-a-year event provides the platform for innovators, thought leaders and companies to connect and discover ways to make a signature impact on the tech industry at large. Tracks include: AI & Machine Learning, Digital Health, The Heat in the East (Blockchain, 3D and Space), Startup Lifecycle and Robotics & Automation. Boston, MA. Register Here to Save 15%

5/7 5:30 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: What Your Startup Needs To Know About IP. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

5/7 6:00 pm -- Boston FinTech: A Sequel - The Impact of Opening the FinSvcs Sector. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

5/7 6:30 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Brand Building On A Budget. Waltham, MA. $20. Register

5/8 6:30 pm -- New England Venture Capital Association: 2019 NEVY Awards! Join this annual blowout celebration of the biggest wins in New England’s entrepreneurial community. It’s a night for tech, healthcare, and life sciences investors, entrepreneurs, and startup community leaders across all stages to take a break from their hard work and soak up the spotlight. Two parts cocktail party and one part high-energy awards show, the NEVY's celebrate the next generation of world-leading companies being built right here in New England. #NEVYs19. Boston, MA. Save 10% with Promo Code BNT. Register

5/13 5:30 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Launch Clinic: Internet of Things (IoT) Startups. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

5/14 6:00 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: When/how To Scale Your Business. Cambridge, MA. $10. Register

5/16 6:00 pm -- Tech in Motion: Smart City & Urban Innovation: Demos & Drinks. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

5/20 - 6/20 -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Spring 2019 Start Smart Class. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

5/23 to 5/24 -- RE-WORK: Deep Learning and Deep Learning in Healthcare Summits! Expand your network and learn about emerging trends from 90 extraordinary speakers! Discover advances in deep learning & smart artificial intelligence from the world's leading innovators. Join 600+ Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Scientists, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Directors of Engineering and Big Data Experts to learn about Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Image Retrieval, Computing Systems, Speech Recognition, Robotics, Technology Infrastructure and more! Explore how deep learning will impact communications, manufacturing, healthcare & transportation. Boston, MA. Register with Discount code BNT20 to save 20%! Learn more about the Deep Learning Summit and Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit.

Want a FREE all-access pass valued at $1,495? If you know an innovative startup using AI, Deep Learning or Machine Learning in their work, please refer them to the conference organizers by March 15th, for a chance for you and the startup to join the conference, free of charge. Please follow the instructions found here by March 15th.

6/4 6:30 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Mergers & Acquisitions And Successful Exits. Waltham, MA. $20. Register

6/6 7:30 am -- 2019 Information Technology Security Summit. Wellesley, MA. $45. Register

6/11 6:00 pm -- Boston FinTech: The New Payment Start-ups in Boston w/ Yodlee. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

6/12 6:00 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Startup Spotlight 2019. Boston, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

7/18 1:00 pm -- Lawyers for Civil Rights: BizGrow 2019. A free groundbreaking event designed to connect existing and potential small business owners with free legal and business support. BizGrow will feature a large team of pro bono attorneys from Boston's top law firms who will be joining forces to support entrepreneurs with big dreams and limited resources. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

10/24 3:00 pm -- FinTech Connect 2019. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP