Community Events

1/14 6:00 pm -- AI For Drug Discovery: Hype Or Hope? Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

1/14 6:00 pm --The Nano Bootstrappers: Growing to 100,000 Customers with 0 Rounds of Funding. First Republic Bank, Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/14 6:30 pm - Boston New Technology & General Assembly: Introduction to the Boston Startup Community. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/14 6:30 pm -- Practical Artificial Intelligence: Voice User Interfaces. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/14 7:00 pm -- GDG Boston Android: Informal Android Developer Meetup. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/15 8:30 am -- Containers and Cloud-Native Roadshow Boston, Presented by Red Hat. Newton, MA. Free. RSVP

1/15 9:30 am & Future Dates -- SCORE Boston Seminars and Workshops. Upcoming topics: Generating Effective Sales Leads, Take Your Company's Social Media Efforts to the Next Level, Getting More for Your Marketing Budget, Quickbooks Hands-On Workshop, Startup Bootcamp, Will Your Business Idea Make a Good Business?, Identify Your Ideal Market Position to Grow Faster, Encore Entrepreneurs: Starting a Business After 50, Developing a Start-Up Budget, Top Human Resources Issues Business Owners Face - and How to Solve Them, Pricing Your Products or Services & more! Boston area. Free to $20. Learn More

1/15 6:00 pm -- Boston New Technology Mobile Apps & Products Startup Showcase #BNT97! Come learn about 7 innovative and exciting tech ventures from founders and network with the Boston-area startup community! Microsoft Technology Center, Burlington, MA. $15. Register

1/15 6:00 pm -- Docs and Hackers: Can tech help the elderly? Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/15 6:00 pm -- Mass Tech Networking: January Networking Event & Vendor Showcase. Boston, MA. $10. Register

1/15 6:00 pm -- DApp Developers Talk: Greg & Chris Hassett from EOSTime and CryptoSports. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

1/15 6:30 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: From Life Science/Tech Ideas to Profits. Learn from experts panelists offer end-to-end product development services and entrepreneurs who have made products and turned their idea into profits. Panelists will cover prototyping, design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing services everything you need to develop a new product and bring it to the market successfully. They will also share tips of what worked, what did not work, lessons learned, and common pitfalls to avoid in the product development process while converting ideas into marketable and successful products. Waltham, MA. $20. Register

1/16 8:30 am -- The Capital Network: 1 Million Cups Boston January - Resolution! Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/16 11:45 am -- The Capital Network: Know Your Valuation for Equity Compensation (And Avoid the Perils of 409A). Learn from experts about employee stock options, ISOs and non-ISOs, general valuation concepts for early-stage companies, 409A tax rules, and engaging an outside expert to assist with valuation. Boston, MA. $25. Register

1/16 5:30 pm -- Conversation in Civic Innovation: Libraries as Drivers of Civic Engagement. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/16 6:00 pm -- Boston New Technology: Developer & Engineer Networking + IoT Talk: “Latest Tech in SmartHome Architecture and Security” with JT Hwang, Chief Engineering Officer, Vivint Smart Home at Vivint Smart Home's innovation center in Boston, MA. Free for Software Development professionals. RSVP

1/16 6:00 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Bookkeeping and Taxes for Startups. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

1/16 6:30 pm -- Product School: What to Focus on When Transitioning Into PM by Pluralsight PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/17 to 1/21 MIT Media Lab: Reality Virtually Hackathon! Create with AR and VR at the largest immersive technology hackathon, which brings together interdisciplinary minds to explore the application of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for building new experiences. We encourage developers, designers, engineers, artists, coders, experts, sound designers, storytellers, students, creatives, and imaginative AR/VR enthusiasts. Free. Cambridge, MA.  Apply to join Today  The hackathon is also seeking creative volunteers to document the hackathon by recording and streaming interviews using 360-degree cameras. People with experience in on-camera interviews or 360 degree camera recording should contact: team "at"

1/17 5:30 pm -- Greentown Labs BOLD IDEAS CHALLENGE: Final Showcase. Somerville, MA. Free. RSVP

1/17 6:00 pm -- Mass Innovation Nights 118 startup showcase. Burlington, MA. Free. RSVP

1/17 6:00 pm -- MassChallenge HealthTech Opening Night! Join us to celebrate the launch of the 2019 accelerator program with the Massachusetts digital health community of startups, Champions, business mentors, medical healthcare professionals, digital health enthusiasts, and people passionate about our shared mission of improving health through entrepreneurship. Meet the startups in our 2019 cohort and network with top influencers in the digital health and innovation community. Hear from healthcare's top leaders, learn more about the Boston-based digital health accelerator, and celebrate entrepreneurship in the Massachusetts ecosystem. Boston, MA. Use Promo Code "COMMUNITY100" for free tickets (2nd step). Register

1/17 6:00 pm -- Startup Grind: Shopping and Transparency: Blockchain in Retail (Samantha Zirkin, Point 93). Waltham, MA. $10. Register

1/17 6:00 pm -- AMA Boston: 2019 Marketing Trends to Watch. Boston, MA. $15. Register

1/17 6:00 pm -- Founders Live Boston - 2019 Kickoff Event! Boston, MA. $10. Register

1/17 6:00 pm -- First Boston FinTech Meet-up of 2019. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/17 6:30 pm -- Blockchain Investors Supergroup Meetup. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/19 10:00 am -- Reality Virtually Immersive Technology Community Talks.  Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

1/23 9:30 am -- The Capital Network: Pitch Deck Workshop: Build a 12-Slide Pitch Deck for Investors. Brookline, MA. $40. Register

1/23 6:00 pm -- Founders Diaries with David Cancel, Co-founder & CEO of Drift. Boston, MA. Free. Request to Attend

1/23 6:00 pm -- Organizer Society Of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE): Healthcare Data & AI - Separating Hype from Benefits. $10. Boston, MA. Register

1/23 6:00 pm -- Mass Professional Networking: Welcome 2019 Boston Business Networking Event. Boston, MA. $8. Register

1/23 6:00 pm -- Boston PHP: Practical Web Accessibility. Wayfair, Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/23 6:30 pm -- Boston Business Intelligence: What is Azure Cosmos DB and why should I care about it? Burlington, MA. Free. RSVP

1/23 6:30 pm -- Product School: How to Land an Enterprise B2B Company PM role by VP PM Allego. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/24 12:00 pm -- MassTLC: Machine Learning Developer Day. Designed for engineers, data scientists and analysts, and programmers to come together to learn and discuss how to most effectively use tools and platforms, and build algorithms to find adaptive solutions to complex problems. Our speakers will share both their successes and “gotchas” along the way. Topics will include strategies and lessons learned on platforms, tools, build versus buy, use cases and business cases, and conveying insights. Cambridge, MA. Save 15% with Promo Code BNT19. Register

1/24 6:00 pm -- Boston Tech and Beer. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/24 6:30 pm -- Spotify & General Assembly Present: Data & Music. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/25 to 3/8 (evenings) -- 2020 Startups 6 Week Hyper Accelerator - 2020 Startups is a zero-equity accelerator program that brings to life the major trends and challenges for today’s rising startups. Designed to help founders disrupt marketplaces and growth hack, this program gives founders exposure to proven business strategies, access to our network of investors, and face time with industry thought leaders and experts. BNT has ten $2,000 scholarships to give away for this program! Contact Chris Requena at Chris "at" to request one. Boston, MA. Learn More and Apply

1/27 2:00 pm -- Pega's Boston Geek Super Bowl - Calling fans of all levels to gather for great BBQ, beer, board games, socializing and fun! All proceeds from this nonprofit event will support Community Call's civic engagement programming for marginalized teens in Boston and Cambridge. Register

1/28 start -- Harvard Extension School: Data Security, Ethics, and Governance - online class for 4 credits. Learn More

1/28 5:30 pm -- Scratch Jr. Workshop - Coding for children ages 5-7. Coding is the new literacy! With ScratchJr, young children can program their own interactive stories and games. In the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/28 6:30 pm -- Boston WordPress Meetup 10 Year Anniversary. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

1/29 6:00 pm -- C2C Connect : How to build an in-person Community. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/29 6:00 pm -- Boston Interactions Winter Party 2019 - with BostonCHI, UXPA Boston, and the other usability and interactions groups. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

1/29 6:00 pm -- Boston AI Meetup: Searching the Financial Universe: Applied NLP at Kensho and S&P Global. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

1/29 6:00 pm -- Boston Unity Group: Plugging into Unity: Lightning Talks - Favorite Unity Plug-Ins. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

1/29 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/30 4:30 pm -- M2D2 - Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center & Biotech Incubator: Simplifying Venture Capital Financing: What You Need to Know. Boston, MA. Free w/ discount. RSVP

1/30 6:30 pm -- TronBoston: Boston Blockchain TRON Dapps Talk Night. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

1/30 6:30 pm -- Product School: How to Work With UX Designers by Toast Associate Director PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/31 9:30 am -- Public Domain Day Celebration. In January 2019, for the first time since the passage of the Copyright Term Extension Act in 1998, works will enter the public domain in the United States due to the expiration of the copyright term. This event celebrates the legal and public policy rationale behind copyright limits and the public domain, as well as the creativity of those individuals whose works will soon enter the public domain. We’ll discuss Virginia Woolf, Charlie Chaplin, Man Ray, Hemingway, the future of copyright law and much more. Free. Boston, MA. RSVP

1/31 6:00 pm -- Tech in Motion: AI & Machine Learning in 2019: Future Trends & Open Problems. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

1/31 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: More Than LinkedIn Connections: Building Social. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/1, 3/1, 4/5 & 5/3 10 am & 1 pm -- Dassault Systemes: Community Open House - Learn how Dassault Systèmes' world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Each 1.5-hour session includes: Corporate Overview, Executive Business Center (EBC) Playground Tour, Virtual Reality Center and 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Tour. Waltham. MA. RSVP

2/3 8:30 am -- Brandeis International Business School: 2019 SPARKTank: 5th Annual Student and Faculty Startup Pitch Competition. Waltham, MA. Free. RSVP

2/4  6:00 pm -- Tom Maloney and Kevin Martin: Building Empowering Beliefs Around Your Business/Career. Do all of your beliefs support your goals and objectives? Do doubts creep in, in times when you need rock solid belief in what you are doing? Do you have beliefs that limit you? If you’ve had doubts or problems with your beliefs in yourself or what you are doing, then join us and learn how to build empowering beliefs. If you’ve ever done anything where you had an unshakable belief in what you were doing, you know what we mean. Having this kind of belief in yourself, your business, your product, or your service can be invaluable. Come, learn how to shake off those limiting beliefs and build new, incredible beliefs that will empower you. The Yard, Boston, MA. $25. Register

2/4 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: How to Be a Productivity Ninja. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/5 6:30 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Organizing an Investable Business. Waltham, MA. $20. Register

2/5 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Blockchain 101. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/6 6:30 pm -- Product School: What is the Role of a PM by Blue Cross Blue Shield Sr.PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/7 & 3/7 5:00 pm -- [email protected]New Venture Competition - Pitch & Pizza 2018-19. Brookline, MA. Free. RSVP

2/7 5:30 pm -- Greentown Labs: 2019 Winter Edition EnergyBar. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/7 6:00 pm -- Boston Product Management Association & MIT: So, You Say You Want to Be a Product Manager? So, what does a Product Manager do anyway? Join MIT's School of System Design and Management & the BPMA for an evening to demystify the career of Product Management. We'll hear from a series of great speakers on: What skills do product leaders lean on to get their job done? How much of their toolkit was acquired academically vs on the job? What would they go back to school to learn if they could? Do these skills change from industry to industry -- Healthcare vs Hardware vs High Tech? Cambridge, MA. $5. Register

2/7 7:00 pm -- MIT IDEAS Global Challenge: MIT IDEAS Spring Generator Dinner 2019. Cambridge, MA. Free. RSVP

2/9 10:00 am -- Boston Virtual Reality: BostonVR Monthly Dev Jam. Brookline, MA. Free. RSVP

2/11 6:30 pm -- UXPA Boston: UX Maturity 101: Practical tips from some lessons learned. Somerville, MA. Free. RSVP

2/12 5:30 pm -- Coding Temple Boston: Introduction to Python at Coding Temple. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/12 6:00 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Tech Transfer Tips for Tech/Life Science Startups. Cambridge, MA. $20. Register

2/12 6:00 pm -- Serverless Boston @ Oracle. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/12 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Couples That Hustle. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/13 6:00 pm -- The Startup Coalition: Funding Environment in New England. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/13 6:30 pm -- Product School: How PM's Work With Engineering Teams by HubSpot PM & FE Engineer. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/20 7:00 pm -- Boston Data Mining: Happy Hour with Data Scientists. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/21 6:00 pm -- Boston New Technology: Startup Founder Talk: Ten Lessons Learned in Launching and Growing Early-Stage Startups with David Chang, CEO of Gradifi + Founder Shout-Outs! First Republic Bank, Boston, MA. Register

2/21 6:30 pm -- General Assembly: Diversity in Design. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

2/25 6:00 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Winter 2019 Start Smart Class - a hands-on class for entrepreneurs who are serious about launching a startup. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

2/27 5:30 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Energy Storage: New Business Models Fuel Rapid Growth. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

2/27 6:00 pm -- Mass Professional Networking: February Boston Business Networking Event. Everett, MA. Free. RSVP

2/27 6:30 pm -- Product School: Why PMs Need Financial Modeling by Dassault Systèmes PM. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/2 10:00 am -- LaunchX Clubs: New England Demo Day. Hosted by teen entrepreneurs, for teen entrepreneurs. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

3/6 5:30 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Launch Clinic: Internet of Things (IoT) Startups. Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

3/8 8:00 am -- MIT FinTech Conference 2019. Save 5%. Learn More & Register

3/25 10:00 am -- MIT Enterprise Forum: .2019 Connected Things IoT conference! This year, our theme is disruptive IoT. Forces contributing to disruptive IoT include new networks, new devices and especially new business models. Today, everything is a “connected thing.” Cambridge, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

3/30 8:30 am -- SQL Saturday #813 - BI Edition 2019 - A free training event for Microsoft Data Platform professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Analytics. Burlington, MA. Register

4/30 to 5/3 -- 5th Annual ODSC East Open Data Science Conference 2019! This year’s 2019 ODSC East brings together the most influential data scientists, practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. ODSC East showcases the best and the brightest when it comes to Data Science, including many open source data science pioneers. Join 7,500 of your data science peers from around the world for this 4-day event, featuring 200+ sessions: 100+ talks, 75 hands-on workshops, 55 intensive training sessions, and 10 keynotes. Topics: Deep learning, Machine learning, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence. Languages: Python, R Julia, Scala, Pig/Hive/NoSQL. Tools: Apache Spark, MLlib, Tensorflow, Caffe, Scikit-learn, Azure ML, Amazon ML,, Neo4J, D3.js, R-Shiny, Hadoop. Boston, MA. Register Here to Save 65%  /  Learn More Here

5/1 6:00 pm -- Harvard Innovation Labs: The 2019 Harvard President's Innovation Challenge - Awards Ceremony. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP