Boston-area Startup, Tech and Business Events:

Times shown are in EDT.

Past Videos & Future Dates -- Techstars Virtual Demo Days - Meet over 160 of our newest, most exciting portfolio companies from across the world at a virtual Techstars Demo Day. Be the first to connect with Techstars newest portfolio companies. Techstars three month mentorship-driven accelerator programs culminate with Techstars Demo Days, where our newest and most exciting portfolio companies take the stage—or the boardroom, for our more intimate events—to pitch their companies. Only the world’s best and brightest entrepreneurs are accepted into Techstars accelerator programs, and we want you, our investors, to be the first to meet them. Virtual Demo Day is your opportunity to: Access 160+ pitches online from some of the world’s most promising startups. Hear company pitches and get a first look at industry-changing technologies, products, and services. Connect directly with founders to build relationships and discuss opportunities. Online. Free. RSVP

May to June -- National Security Innovation Network: Seeing into the Unknown - Situational Awareness in Dense Urban Environments Online Challenge. Online. Free. RSVP

Ongoing: Amazon Web Services - AWS hosts events, both online and in-person, bringing the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn from AWS experts.. Online. Free. RSVP

Ongoing: Creative Mornings. Online. Free. RSVP

Ongoing: DevPost Hackathons. Online. Free.

Ongoing: Marketplace Risk: Masters Program - Education, networking and information sharing for entire teams to become experts in risk management, trust & safety and legal strategy! Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 10:00 am & Future Dates -- Boston SCORE Business Workshops: Renegotiating Commercial Leases and Loan Agreements: Practical tips & strategies, Sales Strategies for a Fast Rebound, What Small Businesses Need to Know When Considering Bankruptcy, It's About Your Story: Getting Others to Listen. Like You. And Say, "Tell Me More!", FEMA COVID-19 Public Assistance funding for Private Nonprofit Organizations and more! Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 10:00 am & Future Dates -- Hollister Institute: Guided Meditation with Kip Hollister. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 11:00 am & Future Dates -- Better Business Bureau Seminars. Time Management: Enhancing Your Personal Productivity, Social Media Made Easy: Best Practices for Leveraging All Platforms, Zoom Best Practices, BBB Talks: Spring Clean Your Business Website, Business Legal Primer, Personal Branding 101 and more. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 11:00 am & Future Dates -- The New York Times Events: Is Joe Rogan the New Mainstream Media?, This Is Good: Newsroom Favorites, Living Well: Ask a Pediatrician, How to Be a Good Friend, Offstage Opening Night, Music and the Queering of Women’s Stories, Weekly Series: Debrief and Helpline. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 12:00 pm -- Duplessy Foundation: Sales Coaching Session for Women Entrepreneurs. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 1:00 pm -- Kevin Martin, ChT, CMNLP: From Surviving to Thriving - Tools for Times of Uncertainty. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 1:00 pm -- Established Celebrates Female Founders | Startup of the Year Virtual Pitch Competition. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 1:00 pm -- McCarter & English: Employee Safety in the Covid 19 World. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 3:00 pm -- Venture Café Cambridge: Health: The Future is Digital. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 3:00 pm -- HubSpot User Groups: The Ultimate Guide to Producing Great Videos for Sales and Marketing. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 6:00 pm -- AMA Boston: Building Your Brand in a Digital Era. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 6:30 pm -- Boston Blockchain Association: How Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) Will Change the World. In the world of blockchain, fintech and finserv are the oldest and therefore most mature implementations. In this Virtual Meetup, we will cover three key topics. Miko Matsumura will be speaking on what it takes to transform the world's financial infrastructure to make it more inclusive, more participatory, more democratic and more rewarding for all stakeholders. Central Bank Digital Currency is one of the hottest categories in the space. David Markley with Algorand is intimately involved with the Marshall Island SOV project. And Thomas Arul, CEO of Bleumi has been working on digital currency payment systems since 2018. So, grab a beverage and some pasta and prepare to feast on Digital Currency, CBDC, and Payments. Online. Free. RSVP

5/28 7:00 pm -- Founders Live Boston - May Tech and Startup Pitch Event. An unforgettable pitch competition sweeping the globe where up to five handpicked companies take the hot seat, with only 99 seconds to pitch their company and describe their value proposition in front of an eager audience. After the pitches and audience Q&A, the crowd will vote on a winner who will not only receive an award but recognition from the crowd and also the opportunity to talk more about their product or service. Online. Free. RSVP

5/29 to 5/30 -- eZWay Network: Brick & Mortar to Broadcast. Join and connect with our eZWay Wall of Famers. Learn how they transitioned. This Free Live Summit Will Cover: Lead Generation - Success Tips for best ways to generate new leads and build lists online. Follow Up - Showing you all the right tools to follow up on your leads to convert into sales. Visibility - Teaching You How to Invigorate Your Business with Web Visibility. Features Alec Stern and 30+ leaders. Online. Free. RSVP

5/29 9:00 am & Future Dates -- NomaYoga. ​Community Yoga to connect the Global Professional Community during social distancing, and support those affected by Covid-19. Online. Donation. RSVP

5/29 9:30 am -- Alpha Vantage: AlphaVHack - Fintech & Blockchain hackathon. Online. Free. RSVP

5/29 11:00 am -- Mass Technology Leadership Council: Transform Series: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 - Why this is different than the 2008 Recession. In this unprecedented time of the coronavirus pandemic induced economic collapse, leaders are trying to peer into an uncertain economic future. While there are many more questions than answers right now, Bob's expertise in macroeconomics and understanding of financial markets give him insights into the implications of all that is happening around us. We are pleased to have Bob Pozen, Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, join us for a live webcast to help make sense of what is happening to the economy, how the pieces fit together, and which elements are most likely to affect us. Online. Free. RSVP

5/29 11:00 am -- Defining the Path to Inclusion: The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety with Dr. Timothy Clark. Online. Free. RSVP

5/29 12:00 pm -- MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge: Startup Spotlight Demo Days. For 40+ years, we’ve given startups and the tech community a platform to share what they’re working on, learn from each other and grow their networks and businesses. Startups and small businesses are everything for our economy and they need our support and encouragement now more than ever! So, this year, instead of hosting a one-night, in-person affair, we’re adapting to our new reality and changing things up. Online. Free. RSVP

5/29 3:00 pm -- UXPA Boston: Beyond The Prototype. Online. Free. RSVP

5/29 6:30 pm -- Women Accelerators Happy Hour. Online. Free. RSVP

6/1 & Future Dates -- 2020 Blockchain Speaker Series. With the unexpected hit of COVID-19, the path towards digitizing in corporations is accelerating at unprecedented speed all around the world. Where does the future hold for Blockchain post-COVID-19? Online. Free. RSVP

6/1 12:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out Power Up: Get Job Search Ready in Uncertain Times. Online. Free. RSVP

6/1 2:30 pm -- Galvanize Remote: Intro to Computer Science. Online. Free. RSVP

6/1 4:00 pm -- Morgan Stanley: Cybersecurity During COVID-19. Online. Free. RSVP

6/2 8:55 am -- Reuters Events & Incite Group: Virtual Brand Marketing Summit. The Future of Marketing is Now. Truly engage your customer with data-driven interactions in a post-COVID world. Online. Free. RSVP

6/2 9:00 am -- Pega: PegaWorldiNspire. Major iNspiration for rapid transformation. Ready or not, it’s time to go digital. You need to respond to change, turn ideas into results, and emerge stronger tomorrow. And you need to do it all yesterday. That’s why we’ve reinvented our flagship PegaWorld conference as a high-impact, low-time-commitment, interactive virtual event. Hear insights right from industry leaders. Talk with experts in live Q&As. Even customize your content. At PegaWorld iNspire, you’re in the driver’s seat, so you can make every moment count. Online. Free. RSVP

6/2 11:14 am & Future Dates -- Karriem Kanston: Leading Through Crisis Mastermind. Online. Free. RSVP

6/2 12:00 pm -- Harper Collins Leadership Essentials: The Blueprint for Turning Your Team into a Community. Online. Free. RSVP

6/2 3:00 & 4:00 pm -- Entre: Leaders Live Interview Series w/ Founders, CEOs & VC Funds . Online. Free. RSVP

6/2 5:30 pm -- Brandeis Innovation: Developing a Product - Summer of Opportunity Series. Online. Free. RSVP

6/2 7:00 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: M&A And Successful Exits. You are one of them...a dedicated entrepreneur, who has poured her heart and sweat into the venture. Does this single-minded dedication to launch and grow the business have to exclude thoughts of potential future exits? On the contrary, an exit strategy is an important element of the overall business strategy that describes the vision of how you will eventually capitalize on your investment. This is important because the decisions about how you structure and operate the business can have huge implications down the road. Let us hear from three deeply experienced panelists, all of who founders and entrepreneurs and two of whom are active early stage investors, and all have participated in successful exits that have come in various sizes and forms. They will talk about exit strategy planning and, just as important, what exits look and feel like in real life to an entrepreneur, the founder CEO or CSO, and the investor. Online. Free. RSVP

6/2 7:00 pm -- Entre: The Future of Cannabis. Online. Free. RSVP

6/3 10:00 am & Each Wed -- Amy Cole: Virtual Breakfast - Professional Branding That's Relevant Today. Online. Free. RSVP

6/3 12:00 pm -- The Lewis Institute: Impact Unplugged: Investing in the Global Goals. Online. Free. RSVP

6/3 1:00 pm & Future Dates -- Chuck Goldstone: Get-Through-This Roundtable. This is a time when our focus is simply keeping ourselves, family, and friends safe, emerging from this crises in good heath. A time when connection and community are more important than ever before. Isolation does not mean disconnection. You have poured your time, your heart, and your treasure into an idea or business. The focus over the coming weeks is assuring they survive, and that they emerge in good health, to keep our venture and our own spirits healthy. Join us for a virtual roundtable. No cost except your time and willingness to share with others like yourself. Recommendations. Resources. Support. Chatting with each other. Discussing challenges. Practical tools and personal resources to stay focused and in balance at a time of crushing uncertainty. Bring questions. Learn from peers and experts. Offer ideas and support to others. Sharing what we know and learning from others. Online. Free. RSVP

6/3 2:00 pm -- The Capital Network: How to Prepare for Maximum PPP Loan Forgiveness. Online. Free. RSVP

6/3 5:30 pm -- Brandeis Innovation: Christina Inge-Marketing Your Startup: Finding Customers. Online. Free. RSVP

6/3 6:00 pm & Future Dates -- Business Owner & CEO Power Hour: Thriving Beyond Crisis. Online. Free. RSVP

6/4 12:00 pm -- Startup Boston: How to Drive Growth Hacking Success with a North Star Metric. Online. Free. RSVP

6/4 12:00 pm & Future Dates -- Women In Technology International: Fireside Chat: Emerge stronger and smarter from a crisis, Driving innovation in today's modern, connected world, Tea with WITI - Virtual Networking and more. Online. Free. RSVP

6/4 3:00 pm -- Defense Innovation Unit: Reducing the Time to Award: DIU’s Commercial Solutions Opening. Online. Free. RSVP

6/4 4:00 pm -- AGENCY @CIC: Reframing Aging: Innovate and Communicate without Ageism Bias. Online. Free. RSVP

6/4 6:00 pm -- Entre: COVID Business Opportunities, Finances & Relief. Online. Free. RSVP

6/4 10:00 pm -- HubSpot: Building a Remote Sales Culture. Online. Free. RSVP

6/5 1:00 pm -- RE•WORK AI for Good Webinar Series: How Can AI Tackle Climate Change? Learn the current application methods of AI to benefit society and tackle the global challenge of climate change and sustainability. Our webinars explore the latest technology advancements as well as practical examples to apply AI to solve challenges in business and society. We bring together a mix of academia and industry to share their learnings and insights, offering new perspectives for you to take away, as well as the chance for you to ask your burning questions and continue conversations with the community after the webinar, forming new relationships to solve the unthinkable with AI. Online. Free. RSVP

6/5 6:00 pm to 6/7 -- Hack the Northeast - for Students. We believe that all students should be encouraged to dream big. Our hackathon aims to engage and empower students of all experience levels by providing the resources to turn your ideas into a reality. High school and College students are encouraged to participate. Online. Free. RSVP

6/8 2:30 pm -- Galvanize Remote: Intro to Functional JavaScript. Online. Free. RSVP

6/8 3:30 pm to 6/11 -- MassChallenge HealthTech Demo Week. Engage with HealthTech Startups from the 2020 Cohort: Health IT Startups: Dock Health, Health Note, Karuna Health, Knot, MedFlyt, Posh, Vyasa Analytics. Patients and Caregivers Startups : Ianacare, Infiniteach, NuEyes, Savvy Cooperative, Think and Zoom, Walk with Path. Telehealth and Remote Care Startups: Cutii- Careclever, EatWell Meal Kits, Moving Analytics, Ompractice, Tembo.Health. Behavioral Health Startups: DynamiCare Health, Eleos, Limbix, Marigold Health, Working Well. Life Sciences Startups: Byteflies, Embleema, Sana Health, UDoTest. Online. Free. RSVP

6/9 -- LiveWorx - The Definitive Event For Digital Transformation! Push forward with LiveWorx. A game-changing, complimentary virtual event for the industrial enterprise that helps technologists innovate at scale with the real goal in mind: transformation that helps drive outcomes. Liveworx is designed to educate those in the industrial enterprise on how to achieve business efficiencies, and bring together the digital tools, strategic solutions and emerging technologies that are transforming companies worldwide. Online. Free. RSVP

6/9 -- Voice Global. 24 hours of superstar speakers and pioneering thinkers sharing everything from the latest trends to how voice tech is helping us through these challenging times. From HealthTech to gaming, VOICE Global brings a wealth of voice tech knowledge from around the world right to your screen. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage with industry leaders, build your network and reconnect with the voice-first community! Online. Free. RSVP

6/9 - 6/10 -- Hootsuite Connection. Reimagine customer engagement at Hootsuite's global digital event. Join us for a day of reimagining the role social can play in building bonds with our customers and helping the communities to which we are all bound. A day filled with thinkers. Thoughtful debates. And moments that will keep us all feeling optimistic about the road ahead. This begins as a conference. But we hope it becomes something bigger. More ways to connect and learn. And new thinking to help you lead your organization towards a future of growth. Online. Free. RSVP

6/9 3:30 pm -- MassChallenge FinTech 2020 Finale. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of our 34 fintech startups and 21 corporate partners as our 2020 program comes to a close. Online. Free. RSVP

6/9 5:00 pm -- Boston AI Meetup: Supercharge Your NLP: Kensho Derived Wikimedia Dataset. Online. Free. RSVP

6/9 7:00 pm -- HackerX - Boston (Full-Stack) Developer Conference. Online. Free. RSVP

6/10 10:00 am -- Department of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School: Precision Medicine 2020: Hyperindividualized Treatments. Online. Free. RSVP

6/10 12:00 pm -- The Lewis Institute: Impact Unplugged: The Language of Change. Online. Free. RSVP

6/10 2:00 pm -- The Capital Network: Managing Cash Flow to Set Yourself Up for Long Term Success. Online. $10. Register

6/11 3:00 pm & Future Dates -- Mass Innovation Nights: Maximizing Your Startup's Marketing. Sessions will be recorded and released to all registrants after the live viewing. Please choose any date and click 'Full Series' to purchase the entire series. If you join after the series has started you will receive a recording of all previous webinars, as well as any handouts and materials. Maximizing Your Startup’s Marketing with MIN - Education for entrepreneurs, sharing secrets from Boston’s top new product showcase. Learn: Startup social media marketing that delivers real results, Community-building to grow and support your startup, Partnerships and alliances that build startups, Mass Innovation Nights success. Making local events drive real return on your time investment...even when no one is attending events. Public speaking for entrepreneurs. Get started. Get funded. Drive your business. Online. Free. RSVP

6/11 3:00 pm -- Venture Café Cambridge: Defense Innovation at Startup Speed: Adaptive Intelligence for the Depths. Online. Free. RSVP

6/11 6:00 pm -- MassChallenge Texas Austin: How To Navigate the Virtual Space as a Creative Entrepreneur. Online. Free. RSVP

6/11 6:30 pm -- Galvanize Austin Data Science Capstone Showcase - g112 . Online. Free. RSVP

6/15 4:00 pm -- Boston New Technology: COVID-19 Tech Showcase #BNT114! Learn about 6 innovative and exciting COVID-19 Tech products from local founders, ask your questions and network with us virtually! Founders, sign up to present for free. Online. Free. RSVP

6/16 - 6/17 -- DevNetwork: DeveloperWeek Global 2020 - The world’s largest virtual developer & engineering conference, where thousands of participants from across the globe converge online to discover, learn, and support each other. Online. Free. RSVP

6/16 11:30 am -- BPMA Mentorship Storytelling Breakfast. Online. $20. RSVP

6/16 5:00 pm -- Roxbury Innovation Center: Roxbury Pitch Night. Online. Free. RSVP

6/17 11:30 am -- Mansfield BIO-Incubator: Crowdfunding a Business: an Insider's Look. Online. Free. RSVP

6/17 6:00 pm -- The Startup Coalition: Demystifying Term Sheets. Online. Free. RSVP

6/17 6:00 pm -- BostInno: State Of Innovation: The Future Of Digital Healthcare. Boston, MA. $40. Register

6/18 8:30 am -- MIT AgeLab: 8000 Days. Planning for retirement today means prepping for more than golf and grandkids. Yet, many haven't really thought much about what we may encounter in this next part of life. Join us to learn: Why your tomorrows may be more complex -and a lot longer- than you think. How to prepare for the 4 phases of retirement. How to reduce stress and prolong independence in retirement. Featured Speaker: Curtis Ranta, Regional Vice President, Hartford Funds. Hosted by: Drew DePatie, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones. Online. Free. RSVP

6/18 1:00 pm -- RE•WORK AI for Good Webinar Series: AI for Crisis Prediction & Management. Applying artificial intelligence for predicting catastrophic events and monitoring the potential impact of such crises. Online. Free. RSVP

6/24 to 6/25 -- databricks: Spark + AI Summit 2020. Online. Free. RSVP

6/25 6:00 pm -- Boston Product Management Association: The Art of the Pivot: Knowing When to Change Your Product and How To Do It. COVID-19 has brought on a myriad of challenges for nearly every industry and nation. One of the many barriers faced by technology and product communities is the ability to react to changing markets, shifting consumer behavior, and new regulatory guidance. How do product leaders and teams navigate dynamic environments, analyze their data, and quickly pivot their strategy and resource allocation in both minor and major forms? After this session, you’ll be able to carry the following skills back to your team: Key indicators a pivot is required, what to read and how to read it, How to evangelize the need to pivot internally, story essentials, Tactics to orchestrate a pivot, key elements and lessons learned and Key indicators that the direction you pivoted to was the right one or executing the re-pivot. Online. Free. RSVP

6/30 11:00 am -- MassChallenge Innovation Summit: Securing the Future of Work. During this interactive session, we'll examine how the global work environment is changing and discuss how companies can keep their digital infrastructures safe while tapping into the new and emerging technologies that can help transform their businesses. Experts from global enterprises like Zoom, Ingram Micro, and a top cybersecurity company will share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that can be found in this nascent era of work. Featured Speakers: Harry Moseley, Global CIO, Zoom Video Communications, Scott Sherman, EVP Human Resources, Ingram Micro and more. Online. Free. RSVP

7/8 11:00 am -- Mansfield BIO-Incubator: Bring your work to life with Allevi 3D bioprinters. What will you build? Online. Free. RSVP

7/15 4:00 pm -- Boston New Technology: FinTech & Blockchain Startup Showcase #BNT115! Learn about 6 innovative and exciting FinTech & Blockchain products from local founders, ask your questions and network with us virtually! Founders, sign up to present for free. Online. Free. RSVP

7/16 1:00 pm -- Lawyers for Civil Rights: The BizGrow Conference 2020. Boston, MA. Free. RSVP

7/16  6:30 pm -- Boston Entrepreneurs' Network: Boston Harbor Sunset Networking Cruise. Boston, MA. $45. Register

7/16 7:00 pm -- Boston Product Management Association: Influencing without Authority as a Product Manager. A crucial part of the product manager role is the ability to influence without authority. It’s a tricky skill to develop, made even more challenging in a world where most are working remotely. Join us for a discussion panel with experienced product managers on the best tips and tricks for effectively influencing without authority. Following our conversation, we’ll have video networking – where you can meet other professionals, talk about the day’s takeaways, and discuss any specific challenges you’re currently facing. Our panel of speakers currently includes: Bill Farrell, Product Leader, former VP at InVision + HelloSign (acquired by Dropbox). Online. Free. RSVP

7/20 - 7/23 -- Capital Factory: Founders Academy Essentials. Online. Free. RSVP

7/22 6:00 pm -- She+ Geeks Out in Boston July Power Up Workshop. Watertown, MA. $10. Register

7/23 2:00 pm -- ON24 & Podium: Virtualized Summit 2020. Digital-first events are the new normal. Are you prepared? Online. Free. RSVP

7/28 6:00 pm --  She+ Geeks Out in Boston July Geek Out. Cambridge, MA. $10. Register

9/14 10:00 am -- MIT Enterprise Forum: Connected Things 2020. The Connected Things 2020 conference will gather together corporate and startup leaders to uncover the opportunities and challenges at the intersection of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning). Boston, MA. BNT members save 20% w/coupon code MITEF_BNT. Register

9/18 8:00 am -- TIECON EAST 2020. As the largest conference of its kind, TiECON EAST 2020: Artificial Intelligence is bringing together Boston's leading entrepreneurs, executives, and investors. This must-attend, signature event from TiE Boston delivers cutting edge trends, impactful learning and networking opportunities. Waltham, MA. $199. Register

9/22 - 9/23 -- Inbound Marketing Conference. Online. Free. RSVP

Ongoing - General Assembly Boston: Free Tech info sessions, meetups, demo nights, hackathons and meet & hire events. RSVP

Ongoing -- Microsoft Reactor Tech, Developer and Business Workshops: Creating Point Maps in Power BI, Using the Cloud for Machine Learning with ML Studio, Deploying Apps into Kubernetes, Content & Marketing Summit: Grit Daily x Microsoft for Startups, Predict values with regression, Innovation is impossible without psychological safety, Greater Seattle Microsoft Azure Meetup, How to use Computer vision and Translator Text, AI: How to use the Face detection API, Microsoft Healthcare Partner Showcase, Managing Microsoft Teams, Microsoft for Startups : How to set up the Growth Engine for your Startup, PowerApps for Big Kids and Little Kids, Overview of Django, Meet the Azure Product Leaders series – Azure Linux VMs and Workloads, Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning projects with Azure Pipelines, Unified Endpoint Security, Build a document analyzer with Azure Functions and Logic Apps, Azure IoT Security, AI as a Service Overview, Protect Microsoft Teams with Cloud App Security, Azure DevOps for absolute Beginners, Building and deploying a Django app, Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Roadmap: April Updates, Developing Microservices Architecture using OSS Technologies and more! RSVP  /  See More Microsoft Training Events Here