Getting responses from referrals?

Referrals are the shortest path to connecting with potential new clients and new contacts at existing clients.  How well is this working for you?  Some ideas on connecting with referrals...

Initial outreach to target contact - email

The contacts you have been referred to are getting tons of email.  They will not read all their email...they will briefly scan the subject lines to see what might be interesting.  How does your email stand out?


  • Put the referrer’s name in the subject line – 


  • “Referred to you by John Smith”


  • Add a topic suggested by the referrer – 


  • “Referred to you by John Smith / Achieving talent acquisition goals”


  • Body of the email - keep it short and to the point...


  • ”John suggested I contact you based on our experience in helping organizations like yours achieve their talent acquisition goals.  I would appreciate an opportunity to learn about your talent acquisition goals / challenges and share how X Company is providing value.”


Give the contact a week or so to respond before you start following up.  Crowding them by being highly aggressive generally does not work.  If your business depends on building relationships, some patience along with persistence will pay off!


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Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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