How timelines help close business

Let’s say you are pursuing a deal and trying to displace a competitor.  Maybe you are in a good position but need something to close the deal and/or differentiate from competition.  Creating a timeline is a great approach...

Reduces client’s anxiety

Clients sometimes have difficulty envisioning how a project will get done by a certain date.  This can have them thinking it is easier to stay with the current solution (something other than yours).  

Identifies responsibilities

In order to complete a project by a certain date, usually there are responsibilities on both sides.  Clients know what they need to do if they continue with the current solution...but may be wondering what they need to do if they go with your solution.  Including a summary of responsibilities at each stage of the timeline will make the client more comfortable.


Easy to share and get approved

If the contact(s) you are working with need to get approval from others...their management is likely to ask “I understand you want to go with this will it get done by the date we have in mind?”  Providing a one-page timeline will make their job easier! 


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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