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Present at BNT

Present, Demo or Speak at Boston New Technology

Consider hosting an event or presenting at Boston New Technology to get publicity and traction for your company's products, services, job openings and/or events, with our 25k network! Local, early-stage startups present for free.

Technology Startups from New England
Local, early-stage founders with new software or hardware technology products are welcome to exhibit and present their product live at one of our monthly showcase events, which are professionally photographed and video-recorded, and draw about 200 attendees. Presenting is free for New England-based companies with a tech product launched publicly for less than one year, or a product up to 3 years old, having less than $1M in funding and less than $1M total revenue. The startup founders should present and conduct the live demonstration, though multiple people can participate. Please submit your company information using our Presenter Signup Form and review our Guide for Presenters here.  Learn more about BNT and our members.

Established or Non-New-England Companies
If your company does not qualify as an early-stage startup (as above), please support BNT to engage our network of 25k+ Boston-area startup founders/employees, developers, IT professionals, community & business leaders and others interested in technology. BNT can provide you with live engagement and extensive publicity for your company's products, services, job openings and/or events! All sponsor funds are used to support local startups / entrepreneurship, and to run free and not-for-profit events. Contact: Chris "at"

Thank You to Our Sponsors / Partners