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Getting responses from referrals?

Referrals are the shortest path to connecting with potential new clients and new contacts at existing clients.  How well is this working for you?  Some ideas on connecting with referrals… Initial outreach to target contact – email The contacts you have been referred to are getting tons of email.  They will not read all their…
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Selling thru/with a partner?

This can be a great way to expand your selling effort and leverage connections.  How you can enhance the value you get from this approach…invest time to discuss some important topics… Same page regarding targets It is important to have a similar level of interest in pursuing common targets… What size and type of companies…
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How timelines help close business

Let’s say you are pursuing a deal and trying to displace a competitor.  Maybe you are in a good position but need something to close the deal and/or differentiate from competition.  Creating a timeline is a great approach… Reduces client’s anxiety Clients sometimes have difficulty envisioning how a project will get done by a certain…
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Thinking of hiring a rep?- Guest blog by Marc Kitz

Are you considering hiring a sales rep (maybe your first one)?  Some questions you may have…What is important to look for?  Where should I try to find candidates?  Some considerations that will lead you to the information you are seeking… Type of relationships are you establishing with clients? Whether your business (or part of it)…
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Trying to decide on pricing?

Identifying what to charge can be challenging when you are getting started or developing a new offer.  Here are some perspectives to consider when gauging where your pricing should be… How does your pricing compare to the value provided? What impact will your solution have for your client?  Increased sales?  Reduced cost?  Time Savings? Pricing…
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Boston New Technology

Boston New Technology and VietChallenge Partner to Launch Boston Life Sciences Showcase

1    PRESS RELEASE  Boston New Technology and VietChallenge Partner to Launch Boston Life Sciences Showcase  Boston, MA – September 14, 2022  Boston continues its dominance in life sciences research and development. More than 1,000 life sciences companies call the Greater Boston area home, accounting for approximately 3% of all employment in the Commonwealth of…
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