Thinking of hiring a rep?- Guest blog by Marc Kitz

Are you considering hiring a sales rep (maybe your first one)?  Some questions you may have...What is important to look for?  Where should I try to find candidates?  Some considerations that will lead you to the information you are seeking...

Type of relationships are you establishing with clients?

Whether your business (or part of it) is volume/transaction based or more long-term relationship based is a good place to start...

  • How long is the average sales cycle?
  • Single transaction with no growth...OR...many potential deals in same client?
  • One or multiple contacts required to close deals?
  • Need to develop working relationships with multiple contacts?

What role are you hiring for?

What is the primary focus of the role you are hiring for?  Sample ideas...

  • Finding opportunities in new accounts
  • Manage relationships in existing clients
  • Expand existing relationships

Key skills?

Planning, asking questions and listening are critical to all selling roles...what to consider beyond that includes...

  • How will clients acquire your solution(s)? On-line?  With rep?
  • If rep is required, how simple/complex are the documents?
    • For example...who writes/edits proposals?
  • Who manages communication with clients regarding transactions, issues?

Working backwards from the information you gather will help you identify good candidates for the role!

Questions?  Feel free to contact me!



Marc Kitz, Sales Coach



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