Selling thru/with a partner?

This can be a great way to expand your selling effort and leverage connections.  How you can enhance the value you get from this approach...invest time to discuss some important topics...

Same page regarding targets

It is important to have a similar level of interest in pursuing common targets...

  • What size and type of companies are you pursuing?  
  • What contacts should be pursued?


How you define a “Qualified Opportunity”

What information are you looking for that indicates you should pursue an opportunity?

    • Specific challenges?
    • Sense or urgency / timeline?
  • Others?


Selling thru/with a partner?

Who owns part(s) of the selling process

Some important questions to discuss...

  • Who will qualify the opportunities? 
  • What qualifying questions will be asked?
  • Who will do most of the initial presentations?
  • Who will write proposals?
  • Others?  


Selling with / thru a partner can be productive and fun...taking some time to discuss these and other topics will drive more success! 


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Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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