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New Technology Trends For 2019: A Mindsight Futures Report

Innovation is continually evolving. The simple mantra that makes the innovation business so fascinating likewise drives financial specialists, strategists, business pioneers, and general tech aficionados bonkers. Would it be a good idea for us to move to the cloud or remain on-start? How would we enlist in a telecommuter situation? What is blockchain and how…

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Boston New Technology Startup-Founder Talk Delivers an Engaging & Energizing Evening with Mike Volpe!

Startup Founder Talk: Scaling Marketing - Perspective from a Current CEO and Former CMO with Mike Volpe

Pragmatic, [nearly] Profanity-free marketing insights for growing companies Guest Post by Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco, Business Advisor,       I ventured “off-island” (from Gloucester) to Boston to attend the #BNT community event at First Republic Bank’s lovely art-deco offices.  One can’t help but want to see what Mike Volpe is up to in the travel…

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The Most Expected Summit of the Year – Forbes 30 Under 30!

Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit Bostton 2018

The Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit is a place where rockstars meet… Boston is an entrepreneurial capital! Last week, Boston met more than seven thousands talented people, from all over the world, for the Forbes 5th Annual 30 Under 30 Summit. The best entrepreneurial mindsets, rockstars of the corporate world, influencers and a new generation…

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Rent Items

Rent Items / @RentItems – A peer-to-peer rental marketplace! We take items sitting idle in your garage, closet, storage unit, office, or warehouse and put them to better use. (James Zimbardi / @jameszimbardi) Tech: iOS, Android.

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Magnomer: Magmark / @Magnomer2 – Magnetic markers for zero-waste packaging! (Ravish Majithia)   Less than 2% of all collected PET plastic bottles get recycled back to bottles. This is a major environmental problem and a liability for consumer brands. Brands have publicly set ambitious goals for use of recycled PET in manufacturing but face severe supply shortage Shrink sleeves –…

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Microsoft is committed to leveraging technology to solve some of the world’s most urgent environmental issues, focusing on areas where we can have the most positive impact. Learn about Microsoft’s Environmental Sustainability. Microsoft is putting artificial intelligence to work for a more sustainable future. Read “AI for Earth” on the Microsoft Green Blog and learn how Microsoft’s Submersible Datacenters could provide internet…

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VIV Life

VIV Life. Better.: AutoPilot / @VIVNetwork – Automatic savings on your energy bill in deregulated energy markets! Set it and forget it. No catches or surprises. (Gustavo Balestrero / @DD6G6) AutoPilot is a service we are able to offer because of our sister company, Utiliz. Boasting a 25% customer referral rate, Utiliz is the innovative technology platform and licensed energy…

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@iCareBetter – Increase patient engagement and compliance. Share the care to empower patients! (Saeid Gholami / @drsgholami) Tech: PHP.

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@care_zooming – Connects clinicians to one another for technical expertise on their next healthcare delivery project. (Ashley Shaw) resources/startup-directory

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